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From Miroslav Holubec <>
Subject Custom Stack - Update/Upgrade questions
Date Tue, 20 Oct 2015 14:05:26 GMT
Dear Ambari Users,
I want to adopt Ambari to deploy my custom software together with some HDP
services. I have following questions, mainly about updates, as
documentation is quite unclear about:

1) What is best way to achieve my task. Extend latest HDP stack and put my
services into?

2) Versions Menu under Admin
a) What is Cluster - Versions Admin Menu for?
b) I've installed my cluster using my extended HDP stack, but I don't see
Cluster - Versions Admin Menu, why?

3) rpm/deb repository
a) What is role of RPM repository in stack from updates point of view? When
new package (rpm/deb) occurs in repository, is it updated somehow using
b) Is it standard way to have separate repository for each stack version?
c) what is role of reposinfo - latest in repoinfo.xml? is this checked
periodically for updates?

4) Stack upgrade
a) How can I achieve updates of my SW recommended way?
b) Do I need to deal repository version resources API when I want to do
upgrade via GUI?
c) I've tried to add repository version resource using API and I've got
error 500: There were no suitable upgrade packs for stack ...

Thank you very much for answers, is quite difficult to find these out as
mostly everyone is using Ambari with HDP only, max. with added custom

Kindly regards,

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