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From Miroslav Holubec <>
Subject Re: Custom Stack - Update/Upgrade questions
Date Wed, 21 Oct 2015 11:02:17 GMT
Dear All,
I found a bit of clarity here
<>. Still some questions
remain unanswered...

I have created my stack by extending HDP 2.3 stack. I've put upgrade xml
there, so upgrade pack was created. Now I'm able to create version under
hidden versions menu:

Still I'm not able to install it to my cluster as it fails with error 500.
System exception is swallowed in, so I don't know why...
All what I've got in system log is: BaseManagementHandler:57 - Caught a
system exception while attempting to create a resource
http://localhost:8080/api/v1/clusters/mycluster/stack_versions/ is empty

Any ideas? How Ambari knows that if I select to install HDP 2.3 stack what
to choose as repository version and assign it into cluster?
Thank you for any answer!


On 20 October 2015 at 16:05, Miroslav Holubec <> wrote:

> Dear Ambari Users,
> I want to adopt Ambari to deploy my custom software together with some HDP
> services. I have following questions, mainly about updates, as
> documentation is quite unclear about:
> 1) What is best way to achieve my task. Extend latest HDP stack and put my
> services into?
> 2) Versions Menu under Admin
> a) What is Cluster - Versions Admin Menu for?
> b) I've installed my cluster using my extended HDP stack, but I don't see
> Cluster - Versions Admin Menu, why?
> 3) rpm/deb repository
> a) What is role of RPM repository in stack from updates point of view?
> When new package (rpm/deb) occurs in repository, is it updated somehow
> using Ambari?
> b) Is it standard way to have separate repository for each stack version?
> c) what is role of reposinfo - latest in repoinfo.xml? is this checked
> periodically for updates?
> 4) Stack upgrade
> a) How can I achieve updates of my SW recommended way?
> b) Do I need to deal repository version resources API when I want to do
> upgrade via GUI?
> c) I've tried to add repository version resource using API and I've got
> error 500: There were no suitable upgrade packs for stack ...
> Thank you very much for answers, is quite difficult to find these out as
> mostly everyone is using Ambari with HDP only, max. with added custom
> services.
> Kindly regards,
> Miroslav

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