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From Kaliyug Antagonist <>
Subject Do I need to uninstall these packages
Date Thu, 29 Oct 2015 10:05:53 GMT
I had started with Ambari 2.1.0 and HDP  and encountered some issues. After
reading forum threads etc., I decided to upgrade to 2.1.2 and carried out
the stop, reset and start of the Ambari server. As per the community, I
need not bother about the already installed rpm on the nodes.

After I started the fresh installation, during host registration, I got the
following warning(do i need to remove any packages ?) :

The following packages should be uninstalled *Package*
ambari-metrics-monitor.x86_64 2.0.0-151 Installed on 9 hosts
hadoop_2_3_2_0_2950-httpfs.x86_64 Installed on 1 host
ranger_2_3_2_0_2950-yarn-plugin.x86_64 Installed on 9
hosts hadoop_2_3_2_0_2950-yarn-proxyserver.x86_64 Installed
on 1 host hadoop_2_3_2_0_2950-hdfs-fuse.x86_64 Installed
on 1 host ranger_2_2_4_2_2-hdfs-plugin.x86_64 Installed
on 9 hosts ranger_2_3_2_0_2950-hdfs-plugin.x86_64 Installed
on 9 hosts hadoop_2_3_2_0_2950-hdfs-journalnode.x86_64 Installed on 1 host hadoop_2_3_2_0_2950-yarn.x86_64 Installed on 8 hosts hadoop_2_3_2_0_2950-hdfs.x86_64 Installed on 9 hosts bigtop-tomcat.noarch
6.0.44-1.el6 Installed on 1 host hadoop_2_3_2_0_2950-libhdfs.x86_64 Installed on 8 hosts
hadoop_2_3_2_0_2950-hdfs-secondarynamenode.x86_64 Installed
on 1 host hadoop_2_3_2_0_2950-mapreduce.x86_64 Installed
on 8 hosts hadoop_2_3_2_0_2950-yarn-nodemanager.x86_64 Installed on 1 host
hadoop_2_3_2_0_2950-hdfs-datanode.x86_64 Installed
on 1 host hadoop_2_3_2_0_2950-hdfs-namenode.x86_64 Installed
on 1 host hadoop_2_3_2_0_2950-source.x86_64 Installed
on 1 host ranger_2_2_4_2_2-hbase-plugin.x86_64 Installed
on 5 hosts zookeeper_2_3_2_0_2950.noarch Installed
on 9 hosts hadoop_2_3_2_0_2950-httpfs-server.x86_64 Installed
on 1 host hadoop_2_3_2_0_2950-conf-pseudo.x86_64 Installed
on 1 host hadoop_2_3_2_0_2950-doc.x86_64 Installed
on 1 host hadoop_2_3_2_0_2950-hdfs-zkfc.x86_64 Installed
on 1 host ambari-metrics-hadoop-sink.x86_64 2.0.0-151 Installed on 9 hosts
hadoop_2_3_2_0_2950.x86_64 Installed on 9 hosts
hadoop_2_3_2_0_2950-client.x86_64 Installed on 7
hosts hadoop_2_3_2_0_2950-yarn-resourcemanager.x86_64 Installed
on 1 host hdp-select.noarch Installed on 9 hosts
hadoop_2_3_2_0_2950-mapreduce-historyserver.x86_64 Installed
on 1 host hadoop_2_3_2_0_2950-yarn-timelineserver.x86_64 Installed on 1 host bigtop-jsvc.x86_64 Installed on 9 hosts falcon_2_3_2_0_2950.noarch Installed on 6 hosts
accumulo_2_3_2_0_2950-conf-standalone.x86_64 Installed
on 8 hosts accumulo_2_3_2_0_2950-source.x86_64 Installed
on 8 hosts accumulo_2_3_2_0_2950.x86_64 Installed on 8
hosts accumulo_2_3_2_0_2950-test.x86_64 Installed on 8
hosts falcon_2_3_2_0_2950-doc.noarch Installed on 6
hosts ranger_2_2_4_2_2-hive-plugin.x86_64 Installed on 3
hosts atlas-metadata_2_3_2_0_2950.noarch Installed
on 1 host atlas-metadata_2_3_2_0_2950-hive-plugin.noarch Installed on 1 host ambari-metrics-collector.x86_64
2.0.0-151 Installed on 1 host flume_2_3_2_0_2950-agent.noarch Installed on 5 hosts hbase_2_3_2_0_2950-thrift.noarch Installed on 5 hosts hbase_2_3_2_0_2950-master.noarch Installed on 5 hosts flume_2_3_2_0_2950.noarch Installed on 5 hosts
hbase_2_3_2_0_2950-regionserver.noarch Installed on 5
hosts hbase_2_3_2_0_2950-rest.noarch Installed on 5
hosts hbase_2_3_2_0_2950.noarch Installed on 5 hosts
hbase_2_3_2_0_2950-thrift2.noarch Installed on 5
hosts phoenix_2_3_2_0_2950.noarch Installed on 5
hosts ranger_2_2_4_2_2-storm-plugin.x86_64 Installed on 5
hosts hbase_2_3_2_0_2950-doc.noarch Installed on 5
hosts ranger_2_3_2_0_2950-hbase-plugin.x86_64 Installed
on 5 hosts ranger_2_2_4_2_2-knox-plugin.x86_64 Installed
on 1 host

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