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From Dmitry Sen <>
Subject Re: Change the tmp directory
Date Thu, 22 Oct 2015 11:44:41 GMT

There few possible problems with /tmp directory:

- it's cleaned up after reboot. All the services keep this in mind and never use any files
in tmp directory after their restart, so no need to keep these files after server reboot

- /tmp might be mounted to a small/slow partition. That's the reason for thinking about updating
the configuration.

1. /tmp is a good choice :) Your tmp-dont-del should be on a fast and preferably large partition

2. It's ok, but the service accounts must have RW access to the corresponding directories.
If you set hive.exec.scratchdir=/mnt/fastdrive/tmp-dont-del/hive , you have to make sure,
that hive user has RW permissions to /mnt/fastdrive/tmp-dont-del/hive


Dmytro Sen

From: Kaliyug Antagonist <>
Sent: Thursday, October 22, 2015 2:21 PM
Subject: Change the tmp directory

I am planning to install HDP 2.3 using Ambari 2.1.0.

I have installed Ambari using the root privileges.

In the configurations, I found several places where the path is /tmp/*.

hive.exec.scratchdir    /tmp/hive
HBase tmp directory     /tmp/hbase-${<>}
dev.zookeeper.path      /tmp/dev-storm-zookeeper

I wish to replace the default /tmp path with some custom temp directory(say 'tmp-dont-del')

  1.  Which is the recommended directory path for the new tmp ?
  2.  Is it fine to create this new temp. directory using root credentials ?

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