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From Gautam Borad <>
Subject Re: Need help with issue in Ranger installation on HDP
Date Wed, 02 Sep 2015 22:23:22 GMT
Hi Girish,
    Can you check if Ranger is successfully installed? Go to "Ranger" from
the left menu then "Summary". Let us know whats written next to "Ranger

If the installation was not successful, you can go to : "Ranger" from the
left menu then "Summary" then click on "Ranger Admin" link and click on
"Reinstall" option next to "Ranger Admin / Ranger" from the dropdown.

On Thu, Sep 3, 2015 at 12:51 AM, girish hilage <>

> Hi,
> I was trying to install Ranger through Ambari(2.0) on HDP(2.2) cluster.
> However, after Ranger configuration was complete, when I clicked on
> “Deploy” button, the *Ambari UI got stuck showing the progress bar*.
> So, I restarted the ambari-server and logged in to Ambari UI.
> It showed “Ranger” service in the list of installed services in the left
> pane but it was not running. I tried to start it on UI but nothing happened.
> I thought of un-installing Ranger but the “edge node” on which I had
> installed it does not show “Ranger” in its set of installed services.
> Now, the situation is :
> -          Neither can I use the currently installed Ranger
> -          Nor can I un-install and re-install it.
> So, just wanted to know if it is an issue with Ambari(2.0)?
> And if there is any other workaround for this.
> It is possible to :
> -  edit Ambari settings from command line?
> - or install new Ambari version without affecting the current cluster
> setup?
> Regards,
> Girish


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