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From Andrew Robertson <>
Subject Ambari memory leak?
Date Tue, 29 Sep 2015 19:34:20 GMT
In Ambari 2.1.1, the ambari-agent on two of my hosts occasionally
quietly dies without any messages going to the log file or to stdout.
I've also noticed that the memory usage in ambari_agent seems to creep
up over time, and I suspect the crashes are related to this.  Here's
the snapshot from ps aux a few hours before the ambari agent process
died quietly:

$ ps aux | grep ambari_agent
root      3759 25.8 36.2 27152176 23872968 ?   Sl   Sep15 4708:55
/usr/lib/python2.6/site-packages/ambari_agent/ start

(ambari_agent was at 25% cpu usage, 27GB of memory).

This happens to be only affecting 2 hosts that I have; each have a
number of master services (mostly Namenode, ResourceManager,
HiveServer2). On my other machine with the same set of master
services, ambari_agent was restarted a few days ago and is already up
to 8gb of memory. On my machines without the master services - just
datanodes / nodemanagers / etc - ambari is using ~1.7gb of memory
(VSZ) and has been stable since I last upgraded Ambari in late August.

I don't recall if this was happening in 2.1.0, or if it started in
2.1.1. I didn't have 2.1.0 deployed for very long.  It wasn't
happening in 2.0 - though I've also deployed Kerberos since then.

Is this a known issue or has anyone else seen this?

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