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From Alejandro Fernandez <>
Subject Re: Ambari 2.1 / HDP 2.3 & dfs.http.policy = HTTPS_ONLY issue
Date Fri, 31 Jul 2015 17:28:39 GMT
Hi Philippe, Ambari is probably trying to access something like NameNode JMX.
You can start the debugging tools on your web browser to figure out what is failing. For now,
I suggest setting the property to "HTTP_AND_HTTPS" until you can get the configs pushed out
to all of the HDFS hosts, and ensure that HTTPS is indeed working with your certificate. After
that, you can change the property to "HTTPS_ONLY".

Hope that helps,

From: philippe lanckvrind <<>>
Date: Thursday, July 30, 2015 at 10:39 PM
To: Alejandro Fernandez <<>>
Cc: "<>" <<>>,
Jing Zhao <<>>
Subject: Re: Ambari 2.1 / HDP 2.3 & dfs.http.policy = HTTPS_ONLY issue

thank you for your answer Alejandro.

I'll give more detail about my concern because even with the SASL activated, it remains the
Also, I strongly suspect that a part of the issue is comming from abari-server.
Conrete situation:
All the component are stop through ambari ui
I just add the parameter dfs.http.policy to HTTPS_ONLY, I save the configuration and then
I directly receive an error message from Ambari UI error 400 related to ressource component.
The same goes with YARN when I set dfs.http.policy to HTTPS_ONLY.
And I repeat, Saving the configuration from the ambari ui before restarting the HDFS through
the ui.

If you wish, I can create a youtube video and show the steps.

Also, when I set dfs.http.policy to HTTP_AND_HTTPS, every thing goes perfect, no error from
ambari ui and https namenode is accessible.

Hope it helps.


2015-07-30 19:32 GMT+02:00 Alejandro Fernandez <<>>:

Hi Philippe,

When setting dfs.hdfs.policy to HTTPS_ONLY, you typically have to enable SSL on your cluster.

This question is better suited for the HDFS team.


From: philippe lanckvrind <<>>
Reply-To: "<>" <<>>
Date: Wednesday, July 29, 2015 at 11:25 PM
To: "<>" <<>>
Subject: Fwd: Ambari 2.1 / HDP 2.3 & dfs.http.policy = HTTPS_ONLY issue

Dear all,

I've noticed a strange issue with ambari 2.1 when I set the parameter dfs.hdfs.policy to HTTPS_ONLY.

issue 1:
When the parameter is set, the web-ui popup error codes :
500 status code received on GET method for API: /api/v1/clusters/HDP_CLUSTER/services/HDFS/components/NAMENODE?fields=metrics/dfs/FSNamesystem/CorruptBlocks,metrics/dfs/FSNamesystem/UnderReplicatedBlocks&format=null_padding

When i continu, short after I can't access the the dashboard anymore or any other services
on it with the related error:
500 status code received on GET method for API: /api/v1/clusters/HDP_CLUSTER/components/?ServiceComponentInfo/component_name=FLUME_HANDLER|ServiceComponentInfo/component_name=APP_TIMELINE_SERVER|ServiceComponentInfo/category=MASTER&fields=ServiceComponentInfo/service_name,host_components/HostRoles/host_name,host_components/HostRoles/state,host_components/HostRoles/maintenance_state,host_components/HostRoles/stale_configs,host_components/HostRoles/ha_state,host_components/HostRoles/desired_admin_state,host_components/metrics/jvm/memHeapUsedM,host_components/metrics/jvm/HeapMemoryMax,host_components/metrics/jvm/HeapMemoryUsed,host_components/metrics/jvm/memHeapCommittedM,host_components/metrics/mapred/jobtracker/trackers_decommissioned,host_components/metrics/cpu/cpu_wio,host_components/metrics/rpc/RpcQueueTime_avg_time,host_components/metrics/dfs/FSNamesystem/*,host_components/metrics/dfs/namenode/Version,host_components/metrics/dfs/namenode/LiveNodes,host_components/metrics/dfs/namenode/DeadNodes,host_components/metrics/dfs/namenode/DecomNodes,host_components/metrics/dfs/namenode/TotalFiles,host_components/metrics/dfs/namenode/UpgradeFinalized,host_components/metrics/dfs/namenode/Safemode,host_components/metrics/runtime/StartTime,host_components/processes/HostComponentProcess,host_components/metrics/hbase/master/IsActiveMaster,host_components/metrics/hbase/master/MasterStartTime,host_components/metrics/hbase/master/MasterActiveTime,host_components/metrics/hbase/master/AverageLoad,host_components/metrics/master/AssignmentManger/ritCount,metrics/api/v1/cluster/summary,metrics/api/v1/topology/summary,host_components/metrics/yarn/Queue,host_components/metrics/yarn/ClusterMetrics/NumActiveNMs,host_components/metrics/yarn/ClusterMetrics/NumLostNMs,host_components/metrics/yarn/ClusterMetrics/NumUnhealthyNMs,host_components/metrics/yarn/ClusterMetrics/NumRebootedNMs,host_components/metrics/yarn/ClusterMetrics/NumDecommissionedNMs&minimal_response=true

Issue 2 :
before losing the control of Ambari, after setting dfs.hdfs.policy to HTTPS_ONLY, When I try
to start HDFS, I receveive the folowing error:
Connection failed to http://*******:50090 (Execution of 'curl -k --negotiate -u : -b /var/lib/ambari-agent/data/tmp/cookies/275cbc46-ffae-4524-bc29-6896c0b565e5
-c /var/lib/ambari-agent/data/tmp/cookies/275cbc46-ffae-4524-bc29-6896c0b565e5 -w '%{http_code}'
http://*******t:50090 --connect-timeout 5 --max-time 7 -o /dev/null' returned 7. curl: (7)
couldn't connect to host

Configuration testing:
Configuration 1

  *   Docker v1.7
  *   HP 2.3
  *   Ambari 2.1 Hortonworks repo
  *   centos 6.6

Configuration 2

  *   virtual box v 4.3.10
  *   HDP 2.3
  *   Ambari 2.1 Hortonworks repo
  *   Centos 6.6 server

I also noticed tat I can without a problem manually start the hdfs component with the SSL

In advance, tank you for your feedback

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