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From Siddharth Wagle <>
Subject Re: Posting Metrics to Ambari
Date Sun, 26 Jul 2015 04:01:35 GMT
No dev work need only need to modify metrics.json file and then add widget from UI.

Stack details:

UI specifics:


From: Bryan Bende <>
Sent: Saturday, July 25, 2015 7:10 PM
Subject: Re: Posting Metrics to Ambari

Quick update, I was able to connect with the phoenix 4.2.2 client and I did get results querying
by SERVER_TIME desc limit 10;

Now that I know the metrics are posting, I am less concerned about querying through the REST

Is there any way to get a custom metric added to the main page of Ambari? or does this require
development work?



On Sat, Jul 25, 2015 at 9:42 PM, Bryan Bende <<>>
Hi Sid,

Thanks for the suggestions. I turned on DEBUG for the metrics collector (had to do this through
the Ambari UI configs section) and now I can see some activity... When I post a metric I see:

01:30:18,372 DEBUG [95266635@qtp-171166092-2 - /ws/v1/timeline/metrics] TimelineWebServices:270
- Storing metrics: {

  "metrics" : [ {

    "timestamp" : 1432075898000,

    "metricname" : "AMBARI_METRICS.SmokeTest.FakeMetric",

    "appid" : "amssmoketestfake",

    "hostname" : "localhost",

    "starttime" : 1432075898000,

    "metrics" : {

      "1432075898000" : 0.963781711428,

      "1432075899000" : 1.432075898E12


  } ]


01:30:18,372 DEBUG [95266635@qtp-171166092-2 - /ws/v1/timeline/metrics] DefaultPhoenixDataSource:67
- Metric store connection url: jdbc:phoenix:localhost:61181:/hbase

01:30:18,376 DEBUG [95266635@qtp-171166092-2 - /ws/v1/timeline/metrics] MutationState:361
- Sending 2 mutations for METRIC_RECORD with 8 key values of total size 925 bytes

01:30:18,380 DEBUG [95266635@qtp-171166092-2 - /ws/v1/timeline/metrics] MutationState:436
- Total time for batch call of  2 mutations into METRIC_RECORD: 3 ms

01:30:18,381 DEBUG [95266635@qtp-171166092-2 - /ws/v1/timeline/metrics] log:40 - RESPONSE
/ws/v1/timeline/metrics  200

So it looks like it posted successfully. Then I hit:


and I see...

01:31:16,952 DEBUG [95266635@qtp-171166092-2 - /ws/v1/timeline/metrics?metricNames=AMBARI_METRICS.SmokeTest.FakeMetric]
ParallelIterators:412 - Guideposts: ]

01:31:16,953 DEBUG [95266635@qtp-171166092-2 - /ws/v1/timeline/metrics?metricNames=AMBARI_METRICS.SmokeTest.FakeMetric]
ParallelIterators:481 - The parallelScans: [[{"timeRange":[0,1437874276946],"batch":-1,"startRow":"AMBARI_METRICS.SmokeTest.FakeMetric","stopRow":"AMBARI_METRICS.SmokeTest.FakeMetric\\x01","loadColumnFamiliesOnDemand":null,"totalColumns":1,"cacheBlocks":true,"families":{"0":["ALL"]},"maxResultSize":-1,"maxVersions":1,"filter":"","caching":-1}]]

01:31:16,953 DEBUG [95266635@qtp-171166092-2 - /ws/v1/timeline/metrics?metricNames=AMBARI_METRICS.SmokeTest.FakeMetric]
BaseQueryPlan:243 - Iterator ready: MergeSortTopNResultIterator [limit=1, count=0, orderByColumns=[METRIC_NAME
DESC, SERVER_TIME DESC], ptr1=, ptr2=]

01:31:16,957 DEBUG [phoenix-1-thread-171] ParallelIterators:629 - Id: d0c9c381-f35f-48e6-b970-8b6d5997684b,
Time: 3ms, Scan: {"timeRange":[0,1437874276946],"batch":-1,"startRow":"AMBARI_METRICS.SmokeTest.FakeMetric","stopRow":"AMBARI_METRICS.SmokeTest.FakeMetric\\x01","loadColumnFamiliesOnDemand":null,"totalColumns":1,"cacheBlocks":true,"families":{"0":["ALL"]},"maxResultSize":-1,"maxVersions":1,"filter":"","caching":10000}

01:31:16,959 DEBUG [95266635@qtp-171166092-2 - /ws/v1/timeline/metrics?metricNames=AMBARI_METRICS.SmokeTest.FakeMetric]
PhoenixHBaseAccessor:552 - Aggregate records size: 0

I'll see if I can get the phoenix client working and see what that returns.



On Fri, Jul 24, 2015 at 5:44 PM, Siddharth Wagle <<>>

Hi Bryan,

Few things you can do:

1. Turn on DEBUG mode by changing at, /etc/ambari-metrics-collector/conf/

This might reveal more info, I don't think we print every metrics received to the log in 2.0
or 2.1, I did add this option if TRACE is enabled to trunk recently.

2. Connect using Phoenix directly and you can do a SELECT query like this:

SELECT * from METRIC_RECORD WHERE METRIC_NAME = '<your-metric-name>' order by SERVER_TIME
desc limit 10;

Instructions for connecting to Phoenix:

3. What API call are you making to get metrics?

E.g.: http://<ams-collector>:6188/ws/v1/timeline/metrics?metricNames=<your-metric-name>&startTime=<epoch>&endTime=<epoch>&hostname=<hostname>


From: Bryan Bende <<>>
Sent: Friday, July 24, 2015 2:03 PM
Subject: Posting Metrics to Ambari

I'm interested in sending metrics to Ambari and I've been looking at the Metrics Collector
REST API described here:

I figured the easiest way to test it would be to get the latest HDP Sandbox... so I downloaded
and started it up. The Metrics Collector service wasn't running so I started it, and also
added port 6188 to the VM port forwarding. From there I used the example POST on the Wiki
page and made a successful POST which got a 200 response. After that I tried the query, but
could never get any results to come back.

I know this list is not specific to HDP, but I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions
as to what I can look at to figure out what is happening with the data I am posting.

I was watching the metrics collector log while posting and querying and didn't see any activity
besides the periodic aggregation.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



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