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From Christopher Jackson <>
Subject Ambari Custom Service Questions.
Date Sat, 09 May 2015 18:59:38 GMT
Hi All,

I’ve been in the process of creating a custom Ambari service over the past week and have
quite a few general questions in which I haven’t found answers for in documentation or on
the wiki. I was hoping some of you could help answer any of the following questions. Thanks
in advance.

1) I’ve noticed that when restarting a services component that is of type ‘CLIENT’ that
its install and configure method are invoked. I’m wondering if it’s in intended and if
so why? For components of type ‘MASTER’ a restart doesn’t seem to invoke install and
configure again, it just invokes stop then start. I ask about this because in my custom service
I have a CLIENT component in which there are some steps I do in the install stage that I don’t
want repeated every time its restarted. 

2) Can someone explain the implication of the auto-deploy and its child elements in the context
where the following snippet would be placed in the metainfo.xml file of a custom service component


3) When creating a configuration file for a custom service what are the valid entries for
a <property-type> tag? PASSWORD, and what else? Is there any other child elements of
‘property’ that are useful? Perhaps anything that allows you to provide a regular expression
for validation?

4) Is there some function to restart a service in resource_management or other ambari python
library? Or should I just be restarting services using the command line tools and ensuring
to update the appropriate pid files? I ask this question because I’ve noticed I cannot restart
a service using the Ambari API as part of the installation/configuration steps of my custom
service, as the restart commands are queued while the custom service installation/configuration
is running, and will cause a timeout. I’m looking for a solution to this problem, what’s
recommended if not one of the approaches I’ve asked about above?

5) How can I allow for the removal of a custom service from the ambari console? I know there
is a sequence of Ambari API commands I can run to: stop the service, stop each of its components,
and then finally delete the service but is there any way to incorporate that into the Ambari
UI instead of having a script on the filesystem that invokes those calls? 

Thanks so much,
Christopher Jackson
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