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From Joshi Omkar <>
Subject RE: Adding disks and partitions
Date Fri, 08 May 2015 14:02:31 GMT
Hi Sean,

Thanks for the inputs.

What is the normal/ideal location to set a mount point ?

Yes, I plan to use Ambari for the configs. once the disks are ready to be used for the datanodes.

Omkar Joshi

From: Sean Roberts []
Sent: den 8 maj 2015 15:59
Subject: Re: Adding disks and partitions

Omkar - Yes, with HDFS (nothing HDP specific) you mount each drive separately.

Where you mount them doesn’t matter, but never set a mount point under /dev.

This talks to the various configuration settings to update to match those dirs, but you would
do them from Ambari instead of editing the configuration files manually:

Hortonworks - We do Hadoop

Sean Roberts
Partner Solutions Engineering - EMEA
On 8 May 2015, at 14:46, Joshi Omkar wrote:


I have 600GB X 8 disks on each machine that can be used for HDP.

1 disk is used for the /root, /home etc. so I'm now left with 7 disks.

If I understand correctly from the HDP recos
, I can MOUNT these 7 disks as:


Where each disk will have a ONE SINGLE BIG partition with ext3/ext4.

Omkar Joshi
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