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From "Yu, Tao" <>
Subject "Customize Service" error after removing one service component
Date Wed, 11 Mar 2015 15:27:31 GMT

I am trying to install HDP2.1. Here is what I do:

1.       I removed / commented out "DRPC_SERVER" component from "STORM" service metainfo.xml,
because I do not need it.




          <displayName>DRPC Server</displayName>










2.       Start ambari-server, and login to Ambari web UI

3.       From Ambari web UI, I tried to install cluster via "Cluster Install Wizard", the
first several steps go well until "Customize Service", it shows error message

"Attention: Some configurations need your attention before you can proceed."

But no specific problematic configuration shows up on the screen, and the "Next" button is
grayed out so I cannot move forward.

4.       In the browser "Console" tab, it shows one error:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'hostName' of undefinedmain.js:340 App.ServiceConfigProperty.Ember.Object.extend.initialValuehttp_client.js:1
(anonymous function)http_client.js:170 (anonymous function)http_client.js:167 App.config.Em.Object.create.renderConfigsstep9_controller.js:445
App.WizardStep7Controller.Em.Controller.extend.setStepConfigsstep9_controller.js:408 (anonymous

Not sure if above error message is related to the "Customize Service" problem.

Does anyone know what went wrong in my case? If I want to remove one component from a service,
what's the right way to do so? In my case, I only commented out the component section in metainfo.xml,
like above in Step 1.


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