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From "Dmitry Lysnichenko (JIRA)" <>
Subject [jira] [Created] (AMBARI-20875) Removing A Service Causes DB Verification To Produce Warnings
Date Thu, 27 Apr 2017 16:11:04 GMT
Dmitry Lysnichenko created AMBARI-20875:

             Summary: Removing A Service Causes DB Verification To Produce Warnings
                 Key: AMBARI-20875
             Project: Ambari
          Issue Type: Bug
            Reporter: Dmitry Lysnichenko
            Assignee: Dmitry Lysnichenko
         Attachments: AMBARI-20875.patch

When removing a service, the configurations for that service are kept for historical purposes,
but their various associations in the database are removed (specifically, the {{serviceconfigmapping}}

After removing a service, the orphaned configurations now cause a warning to be displayed
on Ambari Server startup:

2017-04-06 17:15:24,003  WARN - You have config(s): ranger-storm-policymgr-ssl-version1467149286586,atlas-env-version1471883877194,falcon-env-version1467044148480,storm-site-version1467149286586,storm-site-version1474944944095,ranger-storm-plugin-properties-version1467149286586,hana_hadoop-env-version1476989318735,hana_hadoop-env-version1468951412523,hanaes-site-version1475773173499,hanaes-site-version1477639131416,atlas-env-version1471880496396,,ranger-storm-security-version1467149286586,falcon-env-version1474944962517,application-properties-version1471883877194,hanaes-site-version1468951412523,application-properties-version1471992143777,application-properties-version1471880496396,hana_hadoop-env-version1475790068354,hana_hadoop-env-version1477639131416,,atlas-env-version1471992143777,hana_hadoop-env-version1475773173499,storm-env-version1467149286586,hanaes-site-version1475790068354,hanaes-site-version1476902714170,atlas-env-version1471883827584,hana_hadoop-env-version1477695406433,hanaes-site-version1476989583427,falcon-log4j-version1,falcon-env-version1474944962457,hanaes-site-version1468959251565,,atlas-env-version1471993347065,,storm-cluster-log4j-version1467149286586,hanaes-site-version1472285532383,hana_hadoop-env-version1477695089738,hana_hadoop-env-version1468959251565,hana_hadoop-env-version1476989821279,atlas-log4j-version1,storm-site-version1467612840864,storm-worker-log4j-version1467149286586,ranger-storm-audit-version1467149286586,application-properties-version1471993347065,application-properties-version1471883827584,hana_hadoop-env-version1477695579450
that is(are) not mapped (in serviceconfigmapping table) to any service!

These orphaned configurations have entries in both {{clusterconfig}} and {{clusterconfigmapping}}
but are otherwise not references anywhere. They don't hurt anything, but do trigger this warning
since we can't determine if they _should_ have mappings in {{serviceconfigmapping}}.

A few options:
- When removing a service, remove configurations as well, leaving no orphans. Some would argue
that this is a bad move since re-adding the service later would allow you to see the old configurations.
I do not believe this is true since the old configurations are never associated with the new
service's {{serviceconfig}} or {{serviceconfigmapping}}.

- Make the warning smarter somehow to ignore these since it's expected they are orphaned.
-- Somehow determine the service which should own the config and see if it exists in the cluster?
-- Add a new column to {{clusterconfig}} to mark it as deleted?

To clean these warnings, we had to:
FROM clusterconfig cc, clusterconfigmapping ccm
WHERE cc.config_id NOT IN (SELECT
FROM serviceconfigmapping scm)
AND cc.type_name != 'cluster-env'
AND cc.type_name = ccm.type_name
AND cc.version_tag = ccm.version_tag);

DELETE FROM clusterconfigmapping
(SELECT 1 FROM orphaned_configs
WHERE clusterconfigmapping.type_name = orphaned_configs.type_name AND clusterconfigmapping.version_tag
= orphaned_configs.version_tag);

DELETE FROM clusterconfig WHERE clusterconfig.config_id IN (SELECT config_id FROM orphaned_configs);

SELECT * FROM orphaned_configs;

DROP TABLE orphaned_configs;

I've considered advanced heuristics based on service metainfo with config dependencies, and
service config mappings. But this approach may be unreliable when given inaccurate service
metainfo between stack upgrades. Also, this approach is likely to delay server start on clusters
with thousands of configs.
So the solution Add a new column to clusterconfig to mark it as deleted. So warning will not
be generated for such cluster configs.

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