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From Miklos Gergely <>
Subject Re: 3rd party services requiring to restart Log Search
Date Tue, 24 Oct 2017 06:52:38 GMT
If you check ambari-server/src/main/resources/common-services/LOGSEARCH/0.5.0/metainfo.xml
on branch-2.5 (
there is indeed a <configuration-dependencies> element which enforces the restarting
of HDP services upon the modification of *-logsearch-conf.xml, so there is nothing in the
.js code. For additional 3rd party services nothing enforces it, and thus the Log Feeders
should be restarted manually, without Ambari enforcing it.

What may have confused you is that there are no such configuration-dependencies on trunk.
This is because in the 3.0 release no restart will be needed for Log Search to support a new
service, it will start to monitor their logs on the fly as they are installed.

On 10/24/17, 1:59 AM, "Juanjo Marron" <> wrote:

>Hi all,
>I was following the details on this blog to add  3rd party services to Log Search in Ambari
>It has been really useful and the integration was pretty clean.
>We are just facing a minor issue forcing to restart Log Search service:
>How is the best way to implement the required restart in Log Search after adding a new
service to Log Search or after changing some of the *-logsearch-conf.xml configurations for
the new third party service in the UI?
>I can see it is working for HDP stack services. For instance changes in zookeeper-logsearch-conf.xml
requires Log Search restart in the UI.  I dont see <config-dependecies> in the metainfo.xml
of log search is used to force this behavior.
>Maybe it is happening in the UI .js code,  but additional 3rd party services -installed
after HDP- we shouldn't hack the .js code, right?
>Thanks for your answers
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