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From Yusaku Sako <>
Subject Re: how to backport? one consolidated patch vs many?
Date Tue, 26 Jan 2016 19:17:13 GMT
+1 on using existing JIRAs and doing cherry-pick to branch-2.2.


On 1/26/16, 10:00 AM, "Jayush Luniya" <> wrote:

>Generally I prefer doing "git cherry-pick" while porting fixes between
>branches for following reasons
>- It is less error-prone as you donĀ¹t end up missing a change that is
>possible if you create a patch.
>- When you see conflicts you are limited to resolving the conflict for
>only that change. 
>- This approach will maintain revision history as the changes will be
>committed under the same description in both branches
>- The Apache JIRA will have comments with commits for both branches.
>Creating a single patch is best when merging a large feature that was
>stabilized in a feature branch into the parent branch.
>On 1/25/16, 4:27 PM, "jun aoki" <> wrote:
>>Hi Ambari committers,
>>We have a few jiras that have been committed to trunk but were held of
>>branch-2.2 as it was locked.
>>Now the branch is unlocked and we are ready to start backporting them.
>>We are thinking of a process to create a jira, and consolidate the patches
>>and create a single consolidated patch and attach to the jira, commit it,
>>rather recreate many patches for each jira.
>>Let us know how you guys do backporting, especially upon a previously
>>locked branch.
>>AMBARI-13439 <>
>>AMBARI-14752 <>
>>AMBARI-14732 <>
>>AMBARI-14763 <>
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