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From "Chandana Mirashi" <>
Subject Ambari_metrics slows down Ambari web GUI response after few days
Date Fri, 10 Jul 2015 21:24:42 GMT
 Ambari GUI after few days is slow in responding to any of service stop 
and start  commands . If AMS process was killed the service could be 
restarted quickly. 

Environment:  The cluster is small with 3 nodes. 
OS: RHEL 6.6
Platform: x series
Memory: 12GB on all 3 nodes
Ambari 2.1 version installed 
All default configurations
Default master, slave, client assignments

 Ambari metrics processes takes up 27% of memory when seen using top 
command output on the metrics collector.  The first process is the ams 
hbase master and 2nd process is ams timeline server. 

This is JMAP heap information of ams-hbase process. 

This is the partial heap histogram from JMAP Heap.

Chandana Mirashi
IBM Silicon Valley Laboratory
Phone: (408)463-2826 T/L: 543-2826

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