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From Scott Creeley <>
Subject Need some help - regarding not configured
Date Tue, 02 Dec 2014 17:42:47 GMT
Hi Team,
We are looking at an issue that creeped in on us somehow and wondering if anyone has any insight
into this... see JIRA AMBARI-8490 for some more details.

It appears this affects the existing 2.1.GlusterFS stack and I am also able to reproduce on
a new development stack of 2.2.GlusterFS.  Basically we are able to deploy/install services,
but many won't start, specifically YARN and MAPREDUCE components/services - and from what
I can tell it's based at a high level on the fact that /etc/hadoop/conf/ and are not touched by ambari (meaning they exist but they are not updated from the
*.xml files).

Any ideas on what we are missing?  Whatever changed was introduced somewhere in the last 2/3
weeks that somehow slipped by us.  Appreciate any feedback on this


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