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From "Robert Nettleton" <>
Subject Re: Review Request 27006: Adding handler code for components with 0-1 cardinality in Blueprint configuration processor
Date Wed, 22 Oct 2014 21:44:47 GMT

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(Updated Oct. 22, 2014, 9:44 p.m.)

Review request for Ambari, John Speidel and Nate Cole.


Uploaded new patch, implemented suggestions from reviewer. 

Repository: ambari


This patch implements a fix for bug: AMBARI-7738.

The Blueprints configuration processor was not properly handling
  the case of an optional service in an HDP 2.1 stack deployment.

The problem occurs when the Yarn "APP_TIMELINE_SERVER" is not
  included in a Blueprint that references HDP 2.1.  Posting the
  Blueprint will work properly, but launching a cluster based
  on this Blueprint will fail, with an error mentioning that
  the APP_TIMELINE_SERVER is not included.

The APP_TIMELINE_SERVER has a cardinality of "0-1" for
  HDP 2.1, meaning that 0 or 1 instances of this service
  can be deployed.  This cardinality was selected for HDP
  2.1 because this service was considered a technical
  preview for the HDP 2.1 stack.

While this particular Yarn component demonstrates the problem,
  the issue is actually a bit more generic. The Blueprint
  config processor is not currently aware of the cardinality
  of each service being deployed, so the failure occurs when the
  processor attempts to update configuration for a serivce that
  doesn't exist in the proposed cluster.

This patch addresses the problem with the following changes:

 - Moves two inner classes (Stack, Cardinality) to the
     top-level, as package-level classes.  These classes
     offer useful processing features for the Blueprint
     config processor, and are more useful as standalone

 - Modifies the signatures of the PropertyUpdater interface,
   any implementations of this interface, and the call stack
   from the ClusterResourceProvider to the BlueprintConfiguration
   processor, such that the parsed Stack object is available
   to the PropertyUpdater instances.

 - Modifies the implementation for the SingleHostTopologyUpdater
   to query the Stack definition in the event that no hosts
   are found when trying to update a property.  If a cardinality
   of 0 is found to be valid for that service, then the original
   value for the property is returned.  If a cardinality of 0
   is not valid for this service, then an IllegalArgumentException
   is thrown back to the caller, indicating that an error has
   occurred (this was the previous behavior in both cases).

 - Updates various existing unit tests to reflect this change.

 - Adds new unit tests to verify the fix.

Diffs (updated)

  ambari-server/src/main/java/org/apache/ambari/server/controller/internal/ PRE-CREATION




1. Ran the ambari-server unit test suite (both trunk and 1.7.0), and all unit tests are passing
with this patch applied.
2. Manually verified the fix against the trunk code.
3. Manually verified the fix against the 1.7.0 code. 


Robert Nettleton

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