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From Erin Boyd <>
Subject JIRA-3167/JIRA-3753/JIRA-2755
Date Thu, 05 Dec 2013 21:21:28 GMT
Hi Mahadev,
JIRA-3167 (adding GlusterFS stack to Ambari core services) has been 'in progress' for several
months now.
It was at one time marked by you for 1.4.2 but I now that the current branch is 1.4.3, it
was obviously missed.
I added the first patch with 1.4.0 and have had to continually keep updating it as it misses
each version.

I am trying to get our code ready for GA but not knowing when the patch will be committed
is delaying our freeze date and costing us
extra work. How do I go about getting our patches reviewed? What version can I expect these
changes to be committed?

All three JIRAs are related to adding GlusterFS to the stack (1x and 2x) and adding GlusterFS
has a monitored service in Nagios.
For now, I am going to hold off attaching patches to these JIRAs until we have a branch identified.


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