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From Mathieu Malaterre <>
Subject GDCM migration to new allura on
Date Mon, 17 Dec 2012 09:29:28 GMT
Hi all,

  My project GDCM is using Git on, I recently moved over to the
new Allura system and I am now totally lost.

  In the past, I was able to simply use:

$ sf-help

  to navigate to my git repository:

% cd /home/scm_git/g/gd/gdcm

  I could name/rename and add hooks from there. Now it looks like I am
required to use the web interface. So my questions are:

- How can I rename 'code' to 'gdcm' ('code' appeared during the migration)
- How can I import my old hooks:

% cat  gdcm/config
	mailinglist =
	emailprefix = gdcm-git:
	showrev = "t=%s; printf
$t; echo;echo; git show -C $t; echo"

Thanks !

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