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From Dave Brondsema <>
Subject Re: Updating website with news
Date Thu, 11 Aug 2016 15:45:03 GMT
On 8/10/16 4:53 PM, Rohan Verma wrote:
> On Wed, Aug 10, 2016 at 1:01 AM, Dave Brondsema <> wrote:
>> On 8/9/16 11:59 AM, Rohan Verma wrote:
>>> Hey,
>>> I'm working on the blog for the changes I made for GSoC atm. I'll share
>> the
>>> draft with you ASAP. Could we use the same for news post as well?
>> Sure, I think that'd be fine.  Any sort of news to show visitors to
>> website what
>> we've been doing with the project.
> I have posted here:

Some suggestions if you want to edit it:

* at beginning, a link to forge-allura would be good
* in the Merge Request section, there are 2 screenshots of the same thing,
missing one with the buttons to merge/reject/refresh

For the stuff that was not done, we didn't really talk about it much (here on
the lists, or directly) so it's good to read about what approaches you took and
what happened.  Personally I wasn't concerned since you were productive on other
tasks.  But maybe we should've discussed it here, since I think some things
could've been figured out.  For example, for ajax loading of comments, it should
be possible to set it up in a way that uses ajax for users and gracefully
degrades to regular links for search engine crawlers.  (Don't need to mention
this on the blog post, can keep it for discussion here)

You mention the code for those unimplemented ideas are on your fork repo.  Can
you put a link there, so it's easy to get to? :)

Overall nice, very good to read all this stuff.

We definitely should post this on the news.  Maybe a full copy
of the post, with a link saying it was originally posted at your site.

>>> Also, had installed Allura on the RaspberryPi using the makefile I had
>> made
>>> a long time ago yesterday. Now will try and pitch it to my University.
>>> Yes, we should start with discussing the next release. Also, what would
>> be
>>> the probable timeline for the release?
>> Pretty much whenever we want :)
>> has
>> some notes about it, the script mentioned at the beginning does most of
>> the work.
> Do we isolate some issues to work on is the current as-is state enough to
> release? I have seen that early on you have used sprints, would we be using
> something like that for releasing?

We try to keep the master branch ready so it could be released at any time.
That's why reviews are so detailed sometimes, so all the issues are resolved
before its merged to master.

So really we can make a release any time we want.

Sprints were used for SourceForge employees to schedule some of their work.
Overall for Allura we haven't really tried to schedule or plan certain things
for a release, just make the release any time there's been a lot of changes
since last release.

> BTW, if we are releasing in the as-is state then regarding my pending MRs,
> I believe that #128 can be worked upon in the next release as I am not sure
> if it is useful or feasible in it's current form but I think splitting #129
> into two MRs and merging the commit [5c9f6e]
> <>
> that
> adds metalink into emails can be added to this release and the better
> subjects part can be worked upon further. What's your opinion about this?

Yes #128 (next/prev links) I agree is somewhat tricky, and no problem if it
doesn't make it into this release.

Splitting #129 would be fine too.  Good idea, since the one part of it is
working fine.

>>> BTW, Regarding the release, I was reading the meeting notes at
>>> and read somewhere
>> that
>>> we plan to support Apache Project hosting. Maybe we could provide a
>>> neighborhood for Apache projects on forge-allura this time with the
>>> release. What do you think?
>> We did set up a Labs neighborhood for the "Apache Labs" project, but they
>> never
>> did anything with it.  (They aren't very active any more anyway)
>> If there was a project interested in it, we could talk with them and get
>> it set
>> up I think.  But we'd need a project that wanted to use Allura :D  Most
>> projects
>> already have tickets set up in JIRA or Bugzilla, and have their own wikis
>> if
>> they want one, etc.  So for most projects it wouldn't be worth moving
>> their stuff.
>> Creating more importers, like pulling tickets from JIRA could help a
>> project if
>> they were interested.
> Yes, I agree that before asking projects that are already using JIRA we
> should have an importer ready. I think I can work upon this in late August
> and early September.

That'd be cool :)

>> Also reaching out to projects in the Apache Incubator as they are getting
>> started is an option.  They'll want to move their content into an Apache
>> hosted
>> site anyway.
> So, I was only able to find two such projects from my limited search.
> 1.
> 2.
> They don't seem to have much setup as of now.
> I can try to reach out to their committers with your help if you think this
> is a good idea. :)

If you want to, sure would be a good thing to try and see how it goes.
Incubator projects ("podlings") often don't have much on their incubator pages,
so you will probably want to find where their current code & issues & wiki are
hosted (this is often at the bottom of their "proposal" page which is often on
the incubator wiki  The
mailing lists for each podling are also a good place to see what is going, and
to communicate to them.

>>> On Tue, Aug 9, 2016 at 9:12 PM, Dave Brondsema <>
>> wrote:
>>>> Our last news posting was back in April, for our 1.4.0 release.  We've
>> had
>>>> a
>>>> variety of changes since then - one set which is noteworthy and would be
>>>> nice to
>>>> talk about is the improved UI for discussions - the layout & button
>>>> updates, as
>>>> well as attachment display.  Rohan, since you worked on that, would you
>> be
>>>> interested in writing a post about it?
>>>> We should also start thinking about when we want to make our next
>> release.
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