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From Dave Brondsema <>
Subject Re: how to move tickets from SourceForge to ASF Allura
Date Fri, 05 Sep 2014 20:38:51 GMT
I think that is reasonable for at least the top users, most of whom are present
or past Allura devs/contributors.  For the rest I don't think it'd be
appropriate for SourceForge to transfer email addresses over to an Apache
instance.  The export & import functionality also doesn't cover subscription
info and I'm not too eager to write more code / mongo scripts just to handle that :)

I haven't had a chance to move this forward yet but hopefully next week I will,
and I'll set up accounts for top users and try a full ticket import.  If it goes
well, we'll redirect the SourceForge urls and notify the top users.


On 9/4/14 9:11 AM, Cory Johns wrote:
> Would it be untoward to "reserve" existing usernames for users that have
> participated in the Allura project (recently?) by creating the accounts
> with the username and email but with a randomly generated password?  That
> way, a user could "claim" their account using the password reset mechanism,
> and we could automatically resubscribe them.
> But that does raise issues of transferring email addresses from SourceForge
> to the Apache Allura project, so maybe that's a non-starter, even though it
> would be in the interest of preserving functionality that they have
> explicitly opted in to.
> On Fri, Aug 29, 2014 at 3:05 AM, Igor Bondarenko <> wrote:
>> Sending manual emails to the top users sounds good to me.
>> On Mon, Aug 25, 2014 at 11:38 PM, Dave Brondsema <>
>> wrote:
>>> Igor has fixed the first two TODO items mentioned below, so we are
>>> theoretically
>>> ready to move tickets.  I want to discuss how we handle user's
>> connections
>>> to
>>> these tickets though.
>>> First, usernames aren't going to match up, so the import will put
>>> "originally
>>> submitted by ..." etc in the text of tickets and comments.  I think we
>>> should
>>> make accounts on for the most-frequently used
>>> usernames
>>> so that those are preserved at least.
>>> Second, there are users who have subscribed to tickets to get updates on
>>> them.
>>> Those will get lost.  There are 9 users that are subscribed to 10+
>>> tickets, and
>>> 399 users are subscribed to less than 10 (mostly 1 or 2) tickets.  Some
>> of
>>> which
>>> might be private tickets that aren't going to move from SourceForge to
>>> Apache.
>>> We could find a way to extract exactly what tickets & users are affected
>>> and do
>>> a one-off custom email to notify each of them that the tickets have been
>>> moved
>>> to a new URL and if they want to continue to get notifications, they'll
>>> have to
>>> create an account on and re-subscribe.  That
>>> sounds like
>>> a lot of work and may actually cause more confusion than benefit to all
>>> those
>>> people.  I am thinking its best use of our time to manually email only
>> the
>>> top
>>> users, and not everyone else.
>>> Thoughts?
>>> On 7/22/14 12:38 PM, Dave Brondsema wrote:
>>>> Update:
>>>> Alex has been working on a script in #7510 which I have been reviewing
>>> and just
>>>> merged.  We are now able to take a full ticket export and filter only
>>> tickets we
>>>> want to move, convert milestones to match Allura releases (derived from
>>> git
>>>> commits & tags) instead of SourceForge development sprints, move 'size'
>>> custom
>>>> field to a label (used by SF folks for internal estimating), and some
>>> other changes.
>>>> You can see the script at:
>>>> and browse a partial test import at
>>>> TODO:
>>>> * fix attachment import
>>>> * set up a way to do redirects from SourceForge urls
>>>> * create accounts on forge-allura.a.o for most frequent users, so
>>> username
>>>> association is cleaner
>>>> On 6/26/14 12:23 PM, Dave Brondsema wrote:
>>>>> I'm starting to make a little progress on this again.  We had general
>>> agreement
>>>>> about using option 3.  I have recently gone through tons of tickets
>>> making
>>>>> non-Allura (e.g. SourceForge internal) tickets all be private.
>>>>> Since we have a ticket import & export feature now, next step would
>>> to export
>>>>> tickets, write a small script to filter the export for just public
>>> tickets, and
>>>>> then do a local test import and see how everything comes through.  I'm
>>> sure
>>>>> there will be some things to work through then (e.g. username mapping
>>> for the
>>>>> most common users at least).
>>>>> On 9/6/13 11:39 AM, Dave Brondsema wrote:
>>>>>> We should move our tickets from
>>> to
>>>>>>  There's a lot of tickets
>>> there, and
>>>>>> the hardest part I think is that its a mix of Allura tickets and
>>> non-OSS
>>>>>> SourceForge tickets too.  (Lately we've been making non-Allura
>> tickets
>>> private,
>>>>>> and also using different milestones, but that's not 100% true for
>>> the
>>>>>> tickets on SF).
>>>>>> I want to propose a few options for how we want to handle the Allura
>>> tickets and
>>>>>> then after that, SourceForge can figure out how to adapt some of
>>> other needs
>>>>>> for internal tickets, related tickets, scheduling, etc.
>>>>>> 1) Clean start; don't move any tickets.  Easy, but a lot of context
>>> and history
>>>>>> will be left on SF.  Also there are many open tickets that would
>>> to be
>>>>>> re-created.
>>>>>> 2) Move open Allura tickets, preserving ticket #s (or, possibly,
>>> giving them new
>>>>>> numbers starting at 1).  This would leave behind closed tickets that
>>> aren't
>>>>>> "current" any more.  We would have to sort out what open tickets
>>> "allura"
>>>>>> tickets and which are not.
>>>>>> 3) Move all Allura tickets.  We would have all of the project history
>>> in one
>>>>>> place.  But it would take even more time to sort through all the
>>> tickets to
>>>>>> determine what is "allura" and should be moved, and what should not.
>>>>>> I prefer option 3.  It's more work but will be very helpful to have
>>> all tickets
>>>>>> in one place.  I have pretty good knowledge of all the tickets and
>> can
>>> be the
>>>>>> one to sort out which to move and which to keep on SF.
>>>>>> As far as the technical work to do a move, we can export all the
>>> using the
>>>>>> APIs.  And we can write an import utility which handles the Allura
>>> api/export
>>>>>> format (which would be good to do anyway).  Many usernames wouldn't
>>> match up,
>>>>>> and would have to be changed to "anonymous" or create a stub user
>>> Allura (my
>>>>>> preference).  Cross-references (to wiki pages, chat logs, SF
>>> site-support
>>>>>> tickets, etc) would break.
>>>>>> How does that sound?  Any other suggestions?
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