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From Dave Brondsema <>
Subject Re: how to move tickets from SourceForge to ASF Allura
Date Mon, 25 Aug 2014 20:38:29 GMT
Igor has fixed the first two TODO items mentioned below, so we are theoretically
ready to move tickets.  I want to discuss how we handle user's connections to
these tickets though.

First, usernames aren't going to match up, so the import will put "originally
submitted by ..." etc in the text of tickets and comments.  I think we should
make accounts on for the most-frequently used usernames
so that those are preserved at least.

Second, there are users who have subscribed to tickets to get updates on them.
Those will get lost.  There are 9 users that are subscribed to 10+ tickets, and
399 users are subscribed to less than 10 (mostly 1 or 2) tickets.  Some of which
might be private tickets that aren't going to move from SourceForge to Apache.
We could find a way to extract exactly what tickets & users are affected and do
a one-off custom email to notify each of them that the tickets have been moved
to a new URL and if they want to continue to get notifications, they'll have to
create an account on and re-subscribe.  That sounds like
a lot of work and may actually cause more confusion than benefit to all those
people.  I am thinking its best use of our time to manually email only the top
users, and not everyone else.


On 7/22/14 12:38 PM, Dave Brondsema wrote:
> Update:
> Alex has been working on a script in #7510 which I have been reviewing and just
> merged.  We are now able to take a full ticket export and filter only tickets we
> want to move, convert milestones to match Allura releases (derived from git
> commits & tags) instead of SourceForge development sprints, move 'size' custom
> field to a label (used by SF folks for internal estimating), and some other changes.
> You can see the script at:
> and browse a partial test import at
> * fix attachment import
> * set up a way to do redirects from SourceForge urls
> * create accounts on forge-allura.a.o for most frequent users, so username
> association is cleaner
> On 6/26/14 12:23 PM, Dave Brondsema wrote:
>> I'm starting to make a little progress on this again.  We had general agreement
>> about using option 3.  I have recently gone through tons of tickets making
>> non-Allura (e.g. SourceForge internal) tickets all be private.
>> Since we have a ticket import & export feature now, next step would be to export
>> tickets, write a small script to filter the export for just public tickets, and
>> then do a local test import and see how everything comes through.  I'm sure
>> there will be some things to work through then (e.g. username mapping for the
>> most common users at least).
>> On 9/6/13 11:39 AM, Dave Brondsema wrote:
>>> We should move our tickets from to
>>>  There's a lot of tickets there, and
>>> the hardest part I think is that its a mix of Allura tickets and non-OSS
>>> SourceForge tickets too.  (Lately we've been making non-Allura tickets private,
>>> and also using different milestones, but that's not 100% true for all the
>>> tickets on SF).
>>> I want to propose a few options for how we want to handle the Allura tickets
>>> then after that, SourceForge can figure out how to adapt some of its other needs
>>> for internal tickets, related tickets, scheduling, etc.
>>> 1) Clean start; don't move any tickets.  Easy, but a lot of context and history
>>> will be left on SF.  Also there are many open tickets that would have to be
>>> re-created.
>>> 2) Move open Allura tickets, preserving ticket #s (or, possibly, giving them
>>> numbers starting at 1).  This would leave behind closed tickets that aren't
>>> "current" any more.  We would have to sort out what open tickets are "allura"
>>> tickets and which are not.
>>> 3) Move all Allura tickets.  We would have all of the project history in one
>>> place.  But it would take even more time to sort through all the tickets to
>>> determine what is "allura" and should be moved, and what should not.
>>> I prefer option 3.  It's more work but will be very helpful to have all tickets
>>> in one place.  I have pretty good knowledge of all the tickets and can be the
>>> one to sort out which to move and which to keep on SF.
>>> As far as the technical work to do a move, we can export all the data using the
>>> APIs.  And we can write an import utility which handles the Allura api/export
>>> format (which would be good to do anyway).  Many usernames wouldn't match up,
>>> and would have to be changed to "anonymous" or create a stub user in Allura (my
>>> preference).  Cross-references (to wiki pages, chat logs, SF site-support
>>> tickets, etc) would break.
>>> How does that sound?  Any other suggestions?

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