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From Dave Brondsema <>
Subject Re: Incubator PMC/Board report for Sep 2013 ([ppmc])
Date Tue, 03 Sep 2013 18:28:52 GMT
Here's a draft report.  Anything I missed or should change?  Otherwise I'll post
this on the wiki later tonight.


Forge software for the development of software projects, including source
control systems, issue tracking, discussion, wiki, and other software project
management tools.

Allura has been incubating since 2012-06-25.

Three most important issues to address in the move towards graduation:

  1. Streamline release process (including voting)
  2. Continue to grow community
  3. Move project development to ASF hardware

Any issues that the Incubator PMC (IPMC) or ASF Board wish/need to be
aware of?


How has the community developed since the last report?

A merge request from long ago was improved and merged.  Daniel Hinojosa,
SourceForge Community manager, introduced himself and a flyer he is working on
to promote Allura.  A few emails on the users list.  All other commit and email
activity has been from existing PPMC members.

Developers from SourceForge continue to move their internal discussions to
public forums when possible. Ticket updates now go to the mailing list, and
more discussions and sharing of plans are occurring on the mailing list and IRC.

How has the project developed since the last report?

First release has been created and approved by PPMC, after a few weeks of tweaks
and voting.  It is now pending IMPC approval.  Infra has helped us get up, so we will be able to migrate our wiki,
tickets, etc. to it.

Allura has gained an import infrastructure, bulk export, wiki macros for youtube
and gittip, more extension points, SCM log view and API improvements and a
variety of other assorted fixes & improvements.

Date of last release:

  As of Sep 3, our first release is pending IPMC votes.

When were the last committers or PMC members elected?


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