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From "Dave Brondsema" <>
Subject [allura:tickets] #4690 commit view on a fork gives NotImplementedError: compute_tree
Date Tue, 03 Sep 2013 15:45:58 GMT
- **status**: open --> closed
- **Milestone**: forge-backlog --> forge-sep-06


** [tickets:#4690] commit view on a fork gives NotImplementedError: compute_tree**

**Status:** closed
**Created:** Thu Aug 09, 2012 07:50 PM UTC by Dave Brondsema
**Last Updated:** Thu Aug 09, 2012 07:50 PM UTC
**Owner:** nobody

500 error on
which is a new commit in a fork of Allura

Module allura.controllers.repository:389 in __init__
<<          if self._commit is None:
                   raise exc.HTTPNotFound
               self.tree = self.TreeBrowserClass(self._commit, tree=self._commit.tree)
>>  self.tree = self.TreeBrowserClass(self._commit, tree=self._commit.tree)
Module ming.utils:18 in __get__
<<      def __get__(self, obj, klass=None):
               if obj is None: return None
               result = obj.__dict__[self.__name__] = self._func(obj)
               return result
>>  result = obj.__dict__[self.__name__] = self._func(obj)
Module allura.model.repo:163 in tree
<<          t = Tree.query.get(_id=self.tree_id)
               if t is None:
                   self.tree_id = self.repo.compute_tree_new(self)
                   t = Tree.query.get(_id=self.tree_id)
               if t is not None: t.set_context(self)
>>  self.tree_id = self.repo.compute_tree_new(self)
Module allura.model.repository:210 in compute_tree_new
<<          return self._impl.url_for_commit(commit)
           def compute_tree_new(self, commit, path='/'):
               return self._impl.compute_tree_new(commit, path)
           def _log(self, rev, skip, max_count):
>>  return self._impl.compute_tree_new(commit, path)
Module allura.model.repository:93 in compute_tree_new
<<      def compute_tree_new(self, commit, path='/'): # pragma no cover
               '''Used in hg and svn to compute a git-like-tree lazily with the new models'''
               raise NotImplementedError, 'compute_tree'
           def open_blob(self, blob): # pragma no cover
>>  raise NotImplementedError, 'compute_tree'
NotImplementedError: compute_tree


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