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From Peter Hartmann <>
Subject Re: How do we handle an Incubator release
Date Wed, 08 May 2013 17:41:15 GMT
W dniu 08.05.2013 16:58, Dave Brondsema pisze:
> I wonder if maybe we should do a simple first release (e.g. tarball of the whole
> thing, if that's the easiest option).  Then we could get our first release out
> sooner.  We can also work through any licensing/procedure concerns on the first
> release(s) and not have to worry about technical complexities at the same time.
I sort of agree. Also, I was going to mention that later, but it seems 
to me now that "codebase tarball" would be better way to do things 
because as far as i know, tests are typically omitted from pypi 
packages.Tim was right again :)

One problem I can see is that Allura doesn't seem too portable. I fixed 
some related errors occuring on my distro (Arch Linux) but this may only 
be tip of an iceberg.Well, it's not like we'll know unless we get more 
people using it :P

If it is possible, i'd recommend to mark this release as alpha or beta. 
As a user I'd be surprised to find that stable release only works on a 
specified setup of Ubuntu.

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