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From Dave Brondsema <>
Subject Re: Presentation and Metrics work in Allura
Date Thu, 13 Sep 2012 20:01:31 GMT
On 9/11/12 3:37 PM, Alvaro del Castillo wrote:
> Hi guys,
> Time to update Allura community about our progress with Metrics Tools:
>> Ok. So next steps:
>> - We are expanding the kind of graphs we support and also the metrics.
>> We will integrate them in our Allura module.
> You can see our M0 (Milestone0 reports at) GNOME Shell sample:
> * SCM and ITS analysis integrated
> * Different isolates graphs showing also SCM and ITS activity.
> We are working in some other visualizations, like comparing in the same
> graph issues and commits:

Nice graphs.  Previously your examples had been shown as graphs within Allura,
right?  These look like static HTML.  Is something different here?

Gnome shell is a git repo, right?  Does the reporting work with other repo types?

>> - Control metrics tools execution from taskd.
> I am not sure if the tools execution should be programmed using taskd.
> What do you think?

How do you run them now?  If taskd doesn't run them automatically after each
commit, maybe a cron job would be a good way to deploy it.  I think end-users
could be okay with reports that are generated daily.

>> - Allura project configuration to enable graphs and auto configure the
>> metrics tools to use the Allura backends.
> We have improved Bicho tool, the ticket/issues gathering engine, so now
> it supports Allura Tickets completely and using incremental queries, so
> after the first analysis, it is really quick to reanalyze the tickets
> for a project and create the JSON files with the data needed to graph
> the tickets activity.


> Right now we are working in the configuration of tools inside Allura.
> Our plan is to continue working in a Allura for at Github and once the
> Metrics Module is in good state, where is the best place to coordinate
> the future development?

Is the right repo for me to be
looking at?

An earlier email mentioned R is used for some of the statistics.  Could you
point me to where that is used in the code?  Or a brief explanation of
dependencies in email is cool too.

This mailing list is a good place to talk about development, just like you're
doing :)  Out of curiosity, are you interested in this for general purpose
availability, or specifically interested in SourceForge being able to adopt
this?  I'm sure we'd be interested in getting it up and running, which is why
I'm asking about supported SCMs, dependencies, scalability, etc :)

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