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From Alvaro del Castillo <>
Subject Presentation and Metrics work in Allura
Date Wed, 11 Jul 2012 08:07:16 GMT
Hi guys,

My name is Alvaro del Castillo and I work as a software engineer in
Bitergia company (

First of all, thank you for Allura. It is a very nice piece of software,
with a solid and recent architecture, based in Python so very agile to
develop with it, so modular and last but not least, Open Source!

Bitergia company is specialized in metrics in software projects. It is a
very young company. And we are working close with Allura for some months
now. We think that the best place to integrate our software metrics is
inside forges so it has been a very natural decision, because Bitergia
is an Open Source soul company.

We have some experience with Fusion Forge but when we discover Allura
the adoption of it was a natural choice.

In our first prototype for creating metrics inside Allura we hace
created a new module for Allura (AlluraBitergiaMetrics is the actual
name, but probably we should change it) for displaying metrics. We have
an Allura server with the module deployed at:

It is just a first try of the technology and possibilities. And now it
is time to define next steps, cleanup code and work with Allura
community in order to decide the best way to implement things.

The source code for the module is in:

I need to remove some testing code.

So next steps, how do you see this initiative? do you find interesting
including this kind of information in the forge? Is it the best way to
create a new module for Allura?

Kind regards and thank your for Allura!
|\_____/| Alvaro del Castillo San FĂ©lix
 [o] [o] - Software Engineer
 |  V  |
  |   |   "Bridging the gap between developers and stakeholders"

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