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Subject [12/17] git commit: [#7406] documentation for LDAP config
Date Fri, 13 Jun 2014 18:34:54 GMT
[#7406] documentation for LDAP config


Branch: refs/heads/db/7406
Commit: fc0d2c496c17ea065b7187a84987ce58b41e5236
Parents: dceba9e
Author: Dave Brondsema <>
Authored: Fri Jun 13 15:40:32 2014 +0000
Committer: Dave Brondsema <>
Committed: Fri Jun 13 17:52:00 2014 +0000

 Allura/docs/installation.rst | 22 ++++++++++++++++++++++
 1 file changed, 22 insertions(+)
diff --git a/Allura/docs/installation.rst b/Allura/docs/installation.rst
index ef41f15..558f9b8 100644
--- a/Allura/docs/installation.rst
+++ b/Allura/docs/installation.rst
@@ -49,6 +49,28 @@ By default this uses port 8825.  Depending on your mail routing, you may
need to
 And if the port is in use, this command will fail.  You can check the log file for any errors.
 To change the port number, edit `development.ini` and change `forgemail.port` to the appropriate
port number for your environment.
+Using LDAP
+Allura has a pluggable authentication system, and can use an existing LDAP system. In your
+file (e.g. :file:`development.ini`), there are several "ldap" settings to set:
+* Change auth.method to: :samp:`auth.method = ldap`
+* Set all the :samp:`auth.ldap.{*}` settings to match your LDAP server configuration. (:samp:`auth.ldap.schroot_name`
won't be
+  used, don't worry about it.)
+* Keep :samp:`auth.ldap.autoregister = true` This means Allura will use existing users from
your LDAP
+  server.
+* Set :samp:`auth.allow_user_registration = false` since your users already are present in
+* Change user_prefs_storage.method to :samp:`user_prefs_storage.method = ldap`
+* Change :samp:`user_prefs_storage.ldap.fields.display_name` if needed (e.g. if display names
are stored
+  in a different LDAP attribute).
+Restart Allura and you should be all set.  Now users can log in with their LDAP credentials
and their
+Allura records will be automatically created the first time they log in.
+Note: if you want users to register new accounts into your LDAP system via Allura, you should
+off :samp:`autoregister` and turn on :samp:`allow_user_registration`
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