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From Jarek Potiuk <>
Subject Re: Airflow-Init stuck at initialization
Date Mon, 16 Aug 2021 15:22:34 GMT
I am almost certain that you have the "{host}" things wrong. It looks like
you are actually trying to connect to "{host}" dns name - I presume you
want to actually put "real" hostname there or at use it from a variable of
sorts, but it seems that this did not happen.

On Mon, Aug 16, 2021 at 4:33 PM Anthony Joyce <> wrote:

> Hi All,
> Thank you for the help I have been provided on my last email. I am stuck
> yet again and do not have many areas to turn to so I figured I would email
> the listserv again.
> Airflow seems to be stuck initializing using* docker-compose up
> airflow-init.*
> $ docker-compose up airflow-init
> airflow-docker_redis_1 is up-to-date
> Recreating airflow-docker_postgres_1 ... done
> Recreating airflow-docker_airflow-init_1 ... done
> Attaching to airflow-docker_airflow-init_1
> airflow-init_1       | BACKEND=postgresql+psycopg2
> airflow-init_1       | DB_HOST={host}
> airflow-init_1       | DB_PORT=5432
> I am using an already existing backend from our current local postgresql
> database. Weirdly enough, I had this working last Monday. I made a slight
> change to my docker-compose.yaml file (added *extra_hosts* to the yaml,
> ran it, got an error than removed it) and tried to reinitialized the
> container only for *airflow-init* to hang.
> I stumbled upon this stack overflow page:
> looked at every step this user did. Everything checks out OK with me as
> well.
> The container builds using the default settings but does not build anymore
> with my custom *AIRFLOW__CORE__SQL_ALCHEMY_CONN*:
> postgresql+psycopg2://airflow:@{host}:5432/airflow. Also, my postgresql
> db is configured correctly listening on all IP addresses other than
> localhost. IP’s added to pg_hba.conf. IPtables looks good with no conflicts
> in firewall services. We are just using one from what I can tell.
> I’ve uninstalled completely and reinstalled. No change. I even set
> daemon.json to not use IPV6…still no change. I feel as if I’ve tried
> everything with no luck.
> If anyone has experienced this behavior before and offer some insight,
> that would be wonderful. Otherwise, I’ll continue to troubleshoot.
> Thanks all.

+48 660 796 129

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