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From Anthony Joyce <>
Subject Re: Airflow-Init stuck at initialization
Date Mon, 16 Aug 2021 17:22:38 GMT
Hi Daniel,

Thanks for the suggestion! I’m new at Docker so apologies if some of the configs are incorrect.
Still learning.

I removed service Postgres since I am using my local db. Still stuck on airflow-init. There
are no log entries that explain what it is doing or what it is waiting for, but obviously
airflow-init is waiting for something. I’ve since restarted docker service, flushed iptables
chains relating to Docker, restarted again. Still stuck.


On Aug 16, 2021, at 1:11 PM, Daniel Standish <<>>

If you are using an already existing postgres, then why are you running postgres service in

If that's not the database you are connecting to, then you should remove it from your compose
file. (conversely if you are trying to use compose postgres, then we might have some configuration
suggestions to offer)
Separately, on mac compose, for the container to access host i think you might need to add
svc.localhost or something like that... there are SO posts on this topic eg

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