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From Jarek Potiuk <>
Subject Re: PIP 21 officially supported for next version of Airflow
Date Tue, 27 Apr 2021 08:21:42 GMT
Just one small comment with that. It might take ~30-40 minutes to
synchronize everything (constraints and docker images). once this is
complete, I recommend everyone to rebase to latest master and pulling
latest Breeze image, I will let you know when the synchronization is

On Tue, Apr 27, 2021 at 10:16 AM Jarek Potiuk <> wrote:
> Hey everyone,
> I just merged a change that likely addresses the last problems we had
> with the latest version of PIP. So far the recommendation was (and
> still is for Airflow 2.0.2) to use PIP 2.20.4 or below to install
> Airflow. There were a few issues reported with 2.0.2 installing with
> the newer version of PIP and I think I finally managed to solve the
> last conflict. The new resolver in PIP is much better in preventing us
> from having conflicting dependencies. In our Docker images PIP 21.1 is
> already set as default.
> The next version of Airflow should install with the latest available
> PIP with any "extra" combination (we are still following the
> --constraint mechanism).
> Also the next version of Airflow should be easier for poetry/pipenv
> users to install because the new resolver in PIP helps us to make sure
> no new dependency conflicts creep-in. Though still the only official
> way of reproducible installation with constraints is so far only
> supported via PIP.
> If there are any poetry/pipenv users who would like to contribute
> description/instructions on how to use the constraints of Airflow and
> use poetry/pipenv for "user" installation - I would love to accept
> some PRs for that. Discussion about it here:
> Big thanks to Tzu-ping Chung from the PIP team for help and useful
> discussions. We are one of the more complex projects with > 400
> dependencies and I hope we will help to drive PIP 21 adoption :).
> J,
> --
> +48 660 796 129

+48 660 796 129

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