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From Franco Peschiera <>
Subject a couple of comments on the airflow 2.0 installation docs
Date Fri, 08 Jan 2021 14:33:08 GMT

Thanks for all the work put in maintaining and improving airflow!

I’ve been *migrating* to airflow 2.0.0. In fact, migrating is too strong of
a word: we had almost nothing done (nothing in production, at least) so it
was more of a “fresh install of airflow 2.0 and see if our previous DAGs
work”. I have a couple of recommendations for the install instructions of
airflow 2.0:


   Since now authentication is imposed for the API and the web server, I
   think there should be an explanation on how to create users in the
   installation instructions. Specially since flask complains of the lack
   of users when launching airflow and provides bad advice. After a lot of
   searching in the docs (too long to admit) I decided to ask google and Stack
   Overflow was the savior
   <>. I
   understand that airflow users create is part of the CLI but if it’s not
   documented during the installation I’m not sure how we’re supposed to know
   how to create a user during the first installation+testing.

   For local deployment during development in airflow 1.X.X we used to set
   the environmental variable export
   AIRFLOW__API__AUTH_BACKEND=airflow.api.auth.backend.default before
   launching airflow to use the (at the time) “experimental REST API” without
   authentication. This setting no longer works. Although it’s still in the
   docs: And
   before you say “ah! but that’s the old docs”, this link is also
referred in the
   new airflow 2.0 api docs for authentication
   right after the phrase “The default is to deny all requests”. Maybe a more
   explicit reference to airflow.api.auth.backend.default in bold should be
   made in order to understand that this configuration is indeed the default
   (it was not in some versions of airflow 1.X.X), as it contradicts the link
   that comes right after that phrase.

The flask warning for (1) was:

[2021-01-07 18:53:07,036] {} WARNING - No user yet
created, use flask fab command to do it.

Thanks again!


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