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From Franco Peschiera <>
Subject Re: extension of the REST API
Date Thu, 15 Oct 2020 21:06:52 GMT
Hello everyone,

We're currently building a web app that makes use of airflow to delegate
tasks. First of all, thanks for this excellent tool: it seems it will save
us a lot of time and headaches.

I've been checking the REST api since we want to ideally communicate
exclusively this way. And yes, I know that functionality appears to be new
/ recent (because of the "experimental" tag in the docs and the URL).
Having said that, there are some things that the REST API doesn't do (yet?)
that we would love to have: (1) upload a new DAG, (2) check the status of a
dagrun, among others.

The rest api docs I'm reading:

On the other hand, I've found there are side projects / third party plugins
that do offer this functionality:

So I have the following questions: (1) are there any plans on completing
the official REST API to meet the CLI / python ones? (2) is it a good idea
to try third party plugins for this? if so, do you recommend a specific one?

Thanks again!



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