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From Yohei Onishi <>
Subject Connect to TLS-enabled Elasticache Redis from Airflow Celery Executor
Date Mon, 21 Sep 2020 15:19:06 GMT

I am currently using Celery Executor on Airflow 1.10. My broker is AWS
Elasticache Redis (v. 5.0.6). How can I enable Encryption in-transit?

According to Airflow source code, ssl_keyfile, ssl_certfile and
ssl_ca_certs are required.

elif 'redis://' in broker_url:
>     broker_use_ssl = {'ssl_keyfile': conf.get('celery', 'SSL_KEY'),
>                       'ssl_certfile': conf.get('celery', 'SSL_CERT'),
>                       'ssl_ca_certs': conf.get('celery', 'SSL_CACERT'),
>                       'ssl_cert_reqs': ssl.CERT_REQUIRED}

But Elasticache Redis does not provide those TLS certificate. The official
document only explains a solution for redis-cli, which uses TLS tunnelling
by stunnel.

Does Airflow Celery Executor support Encryption in-transit on Elasticache
Redis? If so, how can we implement it?

I have also posted the same questions.

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