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From Xinbin Huang <>
Subject [AIP-34] Rewrite SubDagOperator
Date Fri, 12 Jun 2020 08:51:33 GMT
Hi everyone,

Sending a message to everyone and collect feedback on the AIP-34 on
rewriting SubDagOperator. This was previously briefly mentioned in the
discussion about what needs to be done for Airflow 2.0, and one of the
ideas is to make SubDagOperator attach tasks back to the root DAG.

This AIP-34 focuses on solving SubDagOperator related issues by reattaching
all tasks back to the root dag while respecting dependencies during
parsing. The original grouping effect on the UI will be achieved through
grouping related tasks by metadata.

This also makes the dag_factory function more reusable because you don't
need to have parent_dag_name and child_dag_name in the function signature

Changes proposed:

   - *Unpack SubDags during dag parsing*: This rewrites the *DagBag.bag_dag*
   method to unpack subdag while parsing, and it will give a flat structure at
   the task level
   - *Simplify SubDagOperator*: The new SubDagOperator acts like a
   container and most of the original methods are removed. The signature is
   also changed to *subdag_factory *with *subdag_args *and *subdag_kwargs*.
   This is similar to the PythonOperator signature.
   - *Add a TaskGroup model and add current_group & parent_group attributes
   to BaseOperator*: This metadata is used to group tasks for rendering at
   UI level. It may potentially extend further to group arbitrary tasks
   outside the context of subdag to allow group-level operations (i.e.
   stop/trigger a group of task within the dag)
   - *Webserver UI for SubDag*: Proposed UI modification to allow
   (un)collapse a group of tasks for a flat structure to pair with the first
   change instead of the original hierarchical structure.

Please see related documents and PRs for details:

Original Issue:
Draft PR:

Please let me know if there are any aspects that you agree/disagree with or
need more clarification (especially the third change regarding TaskGroup).
Any comments are welcome and I am looking forward to it!


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