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From Kaxil Naik <>
Subject [VOTE] Release Apache Airflow 1.10.5rc1 as 1.10.5
Date Sat, 31 Aug 2019 00:20:07 GMT
Hey all,

I have cut Airflow 1.10.5 RC1. This email is calling a vote on the release,
which will last for 72 hours. Consider this my (binding) +1.

Airflow 1.10.5 RC1 is available at:

*apache-airflow-1.10.5rc1-source.tar.gz* is a source release that comes
with INSTALL instructions.
*apache-airflow-1.10.5rc1-bin.tar.gz* is the binary Python "sdist" release.
*apache_airflow-1.10.5rc1-py2.py3-none-any.whl* is the binary Python
"wheel" release.

Public keys are available at:

Only votes from PMC members are binding, but members of the community are
encouraged to test the release and vote with "(non-binding)".

Please note that the version number excludes the `rcX` string, so it's now
simply 1.10.5. This will allow us to rename the artifact without modifying
the artifact checksums when we actually release.

*Change Log*:
New Features
- [AIRFLOW-1498] Add feature for users to add Google Analytics to Airflow
UI (#5850)
- [AIRFLOW-4074] Add option to add labels to Dataproc jobs (#5606)
- [AIRFLOW-4846] Allow specification of an existing secret containing git
credentials for init containers (#5475)

- [AIRFLOW-5335] Update GCSHook methods so they need min IAM perms (#5939)
- [AIRFLOW-2692] Allow AWS Batch Operator to use templates in job_name
parameter (#3557)
- [AIRFLOW-4768] Add Timeout parameter in example_gcp_video_intelligence
- [AIRFLOW-5165] Make Dataproc highly available (#5781)
- [AIRFLOW-5139] Allow custom ES configs (#5760)
- [AIRFLOW-5340] Fix GCP DLP example (#594)
- [AIRFLOW-5211] Add pass_value to template_fields
BigQueryValueCheckOperator (#5816)
- [AIRFLOW-5113] Support icon url in slack web hook (#5724)
- [AIRFLOW-4230] bigquery schema update options should be a list (#5766)
- [AIRFLOW-1523] Clicking on Graph View should display related DAG run
- [AIRFLOW-5027] Generalized CloudWatch log grabbing for ECS and SageMaker
operators (#5645)
- [AIRFLOW-5244] Add all possible themes to
- [AIRFLOW-5245] Add more metrics around the scheduler (#5853)
- [AIRFLOW-5048] Improve display of Kubernetes resources (#5665)
- [AIRFLOW-5284] Replace deprecated log.warn by log.warning (#5881)
- [AIRFLOW-5276] Remove unused helpers from airflow.utils.helpers (#5878)
- [AIRFLOW-4316] Support setting kubernetes_environment_variables config
section from env var (#5668)

Bug fixes
- [AIRFLOW-5168] Fix Dataproc operators that failed in 1.10.4 (#5928)
- [AIRFLOW-5136] Fix Bug with Incorrect template_fields in DataProc{*}
Operators (#5751)
- [AIRFLOW-5169] Pass GCP Project ID explicitly to StorageClient in GCSHook
- [AIRFLOW-5302] Fix bug in none_skipped Trigger Rule (#5902)
- [AIRFLOW-5350] Fix bug in the num_retires field in BigQueryHook (#5955)
- [AIRFLOW-5145] Fix rbac ui presents false choice to encrypt or not
encrypt variable values (#5761)
- [AIRFLOW-5104] Set default schedule for GCP Transfer operators (#5726)
- [AIRFLOW-4462] Use datetime2 column types when using MSSQL backend (#5707)
- [AIRFLOW-5282] Add default timeout on kubeclient & catch HTTPError (#5880)
- [AIRFLOW-5315] TaskInstance not updating from DB when user changes
executor_config (#5926)
- [AIRFLOW-4013] Mark success/failed is picking all execution date (#5616)
- [AIRFLOW-5152] Fix autodetect default value in
- [AIRFLOW-5100] Airflow scheduler does not respect safe mode setting
- [AIRFLOW-4763] Allow list in DockerOperator.command (#5408)
- [AIRFLOW-5260] Allow empty uri arguments in connection strings (#5855)
- [AIRFLOW-5257] Fix ElasticSearch log handler errors when attemping to
close logs (#5863)
- [AIRFLOW-1772] Google Updated Sensor doesnt work with CRON expressions
- [AIRFLOW-5085] When you run kubernetes git-sync test from TAG, it fails
- [AIRFLOW-5258] ElasticSearch log handler, has 2 times of hours (%H and
%I) in _clean_execution_dat (#5864)
- [AIRFLOW-5348] Escape Label in deprecated chart view when set via JS
- [AIRFLOW-5357] Fix Content-Type for exported variables.json file (#5963)
- [AIRFLOW-5109] Fix process races when killing processes (#5721)
- [AIRFLOW-5240] Latest version of Kombu is breaking airflow for py2

- [AIRFLOW-5111] Remove apt-get upgrade from the Dockerfile (#5722)
- [AIRFLOW-5209] Fix Documentation build (#5814)
- [AIRFLOW-5083] Check licence image building can be faster and moved to
before-install (#5695)
- [AIRFLOW-5119] Cron job should always rebuild everything from scratch
- [AIRFLOW-5108] In the CI local environment long-running kerberos might
fail sometimes (#5719)
- [AIRFLOW-5092] Latest python image should be pulled locally in
force_pull_and_build (#5705)
- [AIRFLOW-5225] Consistent licences can be added automatically for all JS
files (#5827)
- [AIRFLOW-5229] Add licence to all other file types (#5831)
- [AIRFLOW-5227] Consistent licences for all .sql files (#5829)
- [AIRFLOW-5161] Add pre-commit hooks to run static checks for only changed
files (#5777)
- [AIRFLOW-5159] Optimise checklicence image build (do not build if not
needed) (#5774)
- [AIRFLOW-5263] Show diff on failure of pre-commit checks (#5869)
- [AIRFLOW-5204] Shell files should be checked with shellcheck and have
identical licence (#5807)
- [AIRFLOW-5233] Check for consistency in whitespace (tabs/eols) and common
problems (#5835)
- [AIRFLOW-5247] Getting all dependencies from NPM can be moved up in
Dockerfile (#5870)
- [AIRFLOW-5143] Corrupted rat.jar became part of the Docker image (#5759)
- [AIRFLOW-5226] Consistent licences for all html JINJA templates (#5828)
- [AIRFLOW-5051] Coverage is not properly reported in the new CI system
- [AIRFLOW-5239] Small typo and incorrect tests in (#5844)
- [AIRFLOW-5287] Checklicence base image is not pulled (#5886)
- [AIRFLOW-5301] Some not-yet-available files from breeze are committed to
master (#5901)
- [AIRFLOW-5285] Pre-commit pylint runs over todo files (#5884)
- [AIRFLOW-5288] Temporary container for static checks should be
auto-removed (#5887)
- [AIRFLOW-5326] Fix teething proglems for Airflow breeze (#5933)
- [AIRFLOW-5206] All .md files should have all common licence, TOC (where
applicable) (#5809)
- [AIRFLOW-5329] Easy way to add local files to docker (#5933)
- [AIRFLOW-4027] Make experimental api tests more stateless (#4854)

Doc-only changes
- [AIRFLOW-XXX] Fixed Azkaban link (#5865)
- [AIRFLOW-XXX] Remove duplicate lines from (#5830)
- [AIRFLOW-XXX] Fix incorrect docstring parameter in SchedulerJob (#5729)


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