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From Jarek Potiuk <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Apache Airflow website requirements
Date Wed, 17 Jul 2019 06:24:15 GMT
I understand the inclusivity need, and that's perfectly fine. However I am
afraid community will not have a process (and people) to keep the
documentation up-to-date - it will almost immediately become obsolete and
useless - we have like 10 commits coming in every day, most of them
including some documentation changes, and it's simply not feasible to keep
technical documentation updated and we have no-one to do it.

However maybe another approach is be better. We could actually automate a
process of generating translation using Google AI translation capabilities
and GCP's Machine-Learning based Translation API
<> and use the generated
documentation in English as source for even more inclusive
<> set of multi-language
translations of Airflow documentation. Of course it will not be perfect
from linguistic point of view, but at least it will be accurate from the
content point of view and we can automatically translate it to multiple
languages, add a disclaimer: "This has been automatically translated by
Google Translation API. For official documentation please refer to the
(original) English version" or similar.

We just need some (very little - rather in 100s than 1000s of dollars
credits from google to run translation regularly over the API with this

We could still keep the main "slow changing" documentation translated by
Human Translators into multiple languages of course and it would be great
to have it linguistically correct.

I think that might be much more reasonable and totally feasible approach.


On Wed, Jul 17, 2019 at 7:44 AM Aizhamal Nurmamat kyzy
<> wrote:

> Hi Jiajie, Kamil,
> My intention with a multilingual website is to make the project accessible
> to users around the world, grow inclusive community, and drive the adoption
> of technology faster among  groups that speak and understand English less
> than well. As you said, Chinese community benefitted from Chinese
> documentation and were able to set things up faster because they could
> understand it better. That is the outcome we want for other groups as well.
> However I understand that keeping docs up to date can be challenging. What
> I propose is to add disclaimers in the translations, eg. “this
> documentation was translated by community members. For official
> documentation please refer to the (original) English version” or something
> similar in those terms.
> Translating documentation can also open up opportunities for many to
> contribute back to the project and be part of the community.
> Let me know what you all think.
> Thanks,
> Aizhamal
> On Tue, Jul 16, 2019 at 22:17 Jiajie Zhong <>
> wrote:
> > Thanks Kamil remind me in
> >
> > I agree with you multi languages point, I think Airflow leading page
> > should have multi languages
> > But for the documentation, I think it hard to up to date
> >
> > I’m one of contributor of and
> > this repo translate still in Airflow 1.10.2
> > Airflow documentation change too fast, and translation it’s hard to catch
> > up
> >
> > But, personally, Airflow documentation support multi language will
> > increasing Airflow users
> > especially not native English users. I join a Airflow Chinese users
> > Tencent QQ group,
> > when them hear Airflow have Chinese translation their so happy because
> > their could make a quick
> > start of Airflow more easier.
> >
> > What I want to said it's If we could tolerate other language translation
> > not up to date, add translation
> > in Airflow website is good for not native English users.
> >
> >
> > Best Wish
> > — Jiajie
> >
> >
> >


Jarek Potiuk
Polidea <> | Principal Software Engineer

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