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From <>
Subject Re: FAB - New REST API in the works
Date Mon, 01 Apr 2019 17:49:51 GMT

On 2019/04/01 17:14:28, Maxime Beauchemin <> wrote: 
> Hey!
> I wanted to point out that there's awesome work taking place in FAB around
> a new REST API provided by the framework, and ways to extend it.
> Daniel Gaspar (cced) is working on this currently, and looking for input on
> design / implementation.
> Check it out and chime in on the PR
> I wanted to point out that a good place to start is by reading the
> `rest_api.rst` file in the PR (github collapses it in the PR interface as
> it's large, and want to make sure people don't overlook that file)
> Some key elements:
> * better and more flexible auth, using JWTs
> * Type awareness
> * a much better auto REST CRUD, with the ModelRestApi base class
> * a new way to define REST endpoints and a cohesive API, versioned as in
> `/api/v1`
> * Rison integration
> * i18n
> This should probably be the foundation to Airflow's REST API as it grows
> and this is a unique moment to influence the design of FAB's REST API.
> Max

Feel free to leave comments on the PR or this thread. 
Once more you're input would be highly appreciated.

Docs are available on:
(I'll be updating readthedocs for this branch)

Some design goals:
- Security
- Enable the possibility to develop dynamic CRUD react components on top of the ModelRestApi
- Flexibility
- Coherent API

Thank you!
Daniel Gaspar

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