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From Felix Uellendall <>
Subject Re: [2.0 spring cleaning] Deprecate contrib folder?
Date Sat, 13 Apr 2019 09:49:21 GMT
+1 on deprecating the contrib folder.

Bolk de Bruin the reason the core hooks and operators are properly
tested because, for example I added some more tests to it and I am
"only" a contributor.

So do you really want to split up contributors work and core committers
work? I personally think this is not the right way to go.

It is true that the contrib hooks and operators have not the same level
of code quality but we can do something about it. I am trying to improve
our test coverage overall and add missing tests.

I don't think an extra step is needed here where we first move properly
tested ones into the core package and then moving new ones from time to
time into it. Wouldn't that mean that we think the code quality of
"contrib" (contributor) in general is worse than the code quality of
committers? Every new contributor who comes along this project would
think that, wouldn't he?


Am 13/04/2019 um 07:51 schrieb Beau Barker:
> A separate airflow-contrib repo, on a separate release cadence would be my preference.
>> On 12 Apr 2019, at 11:17 pm, Julian De Ruiter <>
>> Isn’t this in contradiction with AIP-8, which is aimed at removing operators/hooks
from the core Airflow package?
>> Personally I would rather remove hooks/operators from Airflow than add even more
to the Airflow core. This counts double for the contrib stuff, which is often poorly designed
and/or tested.
>> Best,
>> Julian
>>> On 12 Apr 2019, at 10:23, Bolke de Bruin <> wrote:
>>> That’s perfectly fine to me.
>>> Verstuurd vanaf mijn iPad
>>>> Op 12 apr. 2019 om 10:20 heeft Kaxil Naik <> het
volgende geschreven:
>>>> Ok. How about moving the properly tested and maintained hooks/ops from
>>>> contrib to core?
>>>>> On Fri, Apr 12, 2019, 09:13 Bolke de Bruin <>
>>>>> I disagree. Core signals “properly tested” and maintained. Ie. A
kind of
>>>>> quality.  I don’t think contrib has that.
>>>>> Verstuurd vanaf mijn iPad
>>>>>> Op 12 apr. 2019 om 10:03 heeft Kaxil Naik <>
>>>>> volgende geschreven:
>>>>>> Contrib folder was used when it was used at Airbnb. Currently, it
>>>>>> make any sense and we have equal responsibility to maintain all the
>>>>> hooks,
>>>>>> operators, sensors in contrib folder as we do for core.
>>>>>> I would suggest to remove contrib folder and move all hooks, ops,
>>>>>> sensors to the core folder.
>>>>>> Or reorganize the folder structure similar to what was discussed
in a
>>>>>> mailing thread few months ago.
>>>>>> Regards,
>>>>>> Kaxil

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