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From Ash Berlin-Taylor <>
Subject Re: CLI: Use nested commands instead of flags
Date Fri, 08 Feb 2019 10:34:39 GMT
I think `airflow connection list` etc would be nicer. The main reason it probably hasn't happened
is that the cli "scaffold" we have in place right now doesn't easily allow a second level
of sub-command, so it's a bit more work.


> On 8 Feb 2019, at 05:24, wrote:
> The CLI treats `airflow connection` as a single command, with `--list`, `--add`, etc.
as flags. This means it's possible to pass options that can't be used together: passing `--list`
with `--conn_id` should be invalid. The current implementation has to handle validation of
mutually exclusive options separately for each command. I think the code would be simpler
and easier to use if we used nested commands instead of flags: `airflow connections list`
and `airflow connections add` would be separate subcommands that would take different arguments,
and we wouldn't have to check for invalid combinations of commands and arguments.
> This might overlap with other CLI refactoring, like
I'm not sure if that conversation is still active, though.
> Interested to get feedback about this--maybe there are advantages to using flags instead
of subcommands that I haven't thought of.

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