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From Naik Kaxil <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Airflow 1.10.2rc1
Date Thu, 17 Jan 2019 21:51:51 GMT
I am cancelling this vote as I found a bug with a refresh button in the RBAC UI. This is
fixed now and I will release RC2 and call for a fresh vote.

On 17/01/2019, 00:04, "Kaxil Naik" <> wrote:

    Hey all,
    I have cut Airflow 1.10.2 RC1. This email is calling a vote on the release,
    which will last for 72 hours. Consider this my (binding) +1.
    Airflow 1.10.2 RC1 is available at:
    *apache-airflow-1.10.2rc1-source.tar.gz* is a source release that comes
    with INSTALL instructions.
    *apache-airflow-1.10.2rc1-bin.tar.gz* is the binary Python "sdist" release.
    Public keys are available at:
    Only votes from PMC members are binding, but members of the community are
    encouraged to test the release and vote with "(non-binding)".
    Please note that the version number excludes the `rcX` string, so it's now
    simply 1.10.2. This will allow us to rename the artifact without modifying
    the artifact checksums when we actually release.
    Changes since 1.10.2b2:
    [AIRFLOW-3691] Update notice to 2019 (#4503)
    [AIRFLOW-3689] Update pop-up message when deleting DAG in RBAC UI (#4505)
    [AIRFLOW-3690] Fix bug to set state of a task for manually-triggered DAGs
    [AIRFLOW-XXX] Update Contributing Guide - Git Hooks (#4120)
    [AIRFLOW-3426] Correct Python Version Documentation Reference (#4259)
    [AIRFLOW-3693] Replace psycopg2-binary by psycopg2 (#4508)
    [AIRFLOW-2663] Add instructions to install SSH dependencies
    [AIRFLOW-XXX] Clean up installation extra packages table (#3750)
    [AIRFLOW-XXX] Remove redundant space in Kerberos (#3866)
    [AIRFLOW-3086] Add extras group for google auth to (#3917)
    [AIRFLOW-XXX] Add Kubernetes Dependency in Extra Packages Doc (#4281)
    [AIRFLOW-XXX] Remove Duplicates from Changelog
    [AIRFLOW-3696] Add Version info to Airflow Documentation (#4512)
    [AIRFLOW-XXX] Add CHANGELOG & K8s to Documentation
    [AIRFLOW-3700] Change the lowest allowed version of "requests" (#4517)
    [AIRFLOW-3319] KubernetsExecutor: Need in try_number in labels if getting
    them later (#4163)
    [AIRFLOW-3704] Support SSL Protection When Redis is Used as Broker for
    CeleryExecutor (#4521)
    [AIRFLOW-3681] All GCP operators have now optional GCP Project ID (#4500)
    [AIRFLOW-2782] Upgrades the Dagre D3 version
    [AIRFLOW-2782] Removes unused hard-coded dagreD3
    [AIRFLOW-2783] Implement eslint for JS code check (#3641)
    [AIRFLOW-2805] Display multiple timezones on UI (#3687)
    *Kaxil Naik*

Kaxil Naik 

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