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From airflowuser <>
Subject Re: Customised alerts/notifications and enhancements to alerting/notifications on Airflow
Date Wed, 14 Nov 2018 15:20:54 GMT
There is a pending PR to refactor the SLA:

But it requires more reviews from committers.

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On Wednesday, November 14, 2018 5:11 PM, Sai Phanindhra <> wrote:

> Hello airflow committers and maintainers,
> I came across sla in airflow. It's a very good feature to begin
> with. I feel like few enhancements can be done. These enhancements are not
> limited to just sla, they basically are voids i felt when im using airflow.
> Im listing few of them here.
> 1.  SLA alerts to slack channel(s) along with emails
> 2.  Alerts at DAG level(starting, success and failure).
> 3.  custom callbacks just like `*on_failure_callback*`, `*on_retry_callback*` and `*on_success_callback*`
on DAG level.
> 4.  Alerts if task gets completed before minimum run time(This is really
>     a rare case. But there will be few long running jobs that we know for sure
>     runs for at least few hours and if they exit before that it means something
>     wrong. We need warning alerts for such cases.)
> 5.  Default/Global Alert config(default emails to send all alerts and/or
>     slack channel to send alerts)
>     Some of these might have already been solved or someone is working to
>     solve. Please share your thoughts and add anything else i missed to this
>     list.

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