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From Bolke de Bruin <>
Subject Re: [VOTE CANCELED] Airflow 1.10.1rc1
Date Wed, 14 Nov 2018 18:48:28 GMT
You need to wait 72h and until you have 3+ votes. Satisfy both conditions :-)

On putting things on pypi I'm personally in favor. It's not an Apache channel thus not official.
On the other hand Apache is Java focused and only understands SNAPSHOTS but that's essentially
the same as this. 


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> On 14 Nov 2018, at 18:37, Ash Berlin-Taylor <> wrote:
> We've had two regressions against this release reported in Slack so I'm cancelling this
vote, to re-open a new one once these two PRs are merged:
> Committeers: if you could look at the PRs so we can get a new vote started?
> Some other questions: 
> - Do our votes need to last 72 hours each, or can we have it be "72 hours or until 3
(or 5) +1 binding votes?"
> - What do people think about making the RCs available on pip? It is how most people install
Airflow and publishing it there makes it easier for people to test. (Pip won't install beta
or rc versions when doing `pip install apache-airflow`, you have to add `==1.10.1b1`, so it's
"safe" in that regard.)
> -ash
>> On 13 Nov 2018, at 15:59, Ash Berlin-Taylor <> wrote:
>> CORRECTION: Correct URLs are
>> <>
>> Copy-and-paste fail
>>> On 13 Nov 2018, at 15:29, Ash Berlin-Taylor <> wrote:
>>> Hey all,
>>> I have cut Airflow 1.10.1 RC1. This email is calling a vote on the release, which
will last for 72 hours. Consider this my (binding) +1.
>>> Airflow 1.10.1 RC1 is available at:
>>> apache-airflow-1.10.1rc1+incubating-source.tar.gz is a source release that comes
with INSTALL instructions.
>>> apache-airflow-1.10.1rc1+incubating-bin.tar.gz is the binary Python "sdist" release.
>>> Public keys are available at:
>>> Only votes from PMC members are binding, but members of the community are encouraged
to test the release and vote with "(non-binding)".
>>> Changes since 1.10.1b1:
>>> [AIRFLOW-XXX] Correct date and version in Changelog
>>> [AIRFLOW-2779] Add license headers to doc files (#4178)
>>> [AIRFLOW-XXX] Changelog and version for 1.10.1
>>> [AIRFLOW-2779] Add license headers to doc files (#4178)
>>> [AIRFLOW-2779] Add project version to license (#4177)
>>> [AIRFLOW-XXX] Sync changelog between release and master branch
>>> [AIRFLOW-XXX] Add missing docs for SNS classes (#4155)
>>> [AIRFLOW-3072] Assign permission get_logs_with_metadata to viewer role (#4175)
>>> [AIRFLOW-2723] Update lxml dependancy to >= 4.0.0
>>> [AIRFLOW-3325] Fix UI Page DAGs-column 'Recent Tasks' display issue (#4173)
>>> [AIRFLOW-XXX] Update Updating instructions for changes in 1.10.1
>>> [AIRFLOW-XXX] Fix a few typos in CHANGELOG (#4169)
>>> Full changelog is below:
>>> New features:
>>> [AIRFLOW-2524] Airflow integration with AWS Sagemaker
>>> [AIRFLOW-2657] Add ability to delete DAG from web ui
>>> [AIRFLOW-2780] Adds IMAP Hook to interact with a mail server
>>> [AIRFLOW-2794] Add delete support for Azure blob
>>> [AIRFLOW-2912] Add operators for Google Cloud Functions
>>> [AIRFLOW-2974] Add Start/Restart/Terminate methods Databricks Hook
>>> [AIRFLOW-2989] No Parameter to change bootDiskType for DataprocClusterCreateOperator
>>> [AIRFLOW-3078] Basic operators for Google Compute Engine
>>> [AIRFLOW-3147] Update Flask-AppBuilder version
>>> [AIRFLOW-3231] Basic operators for Google Cloud SQL (deploy / patch / delete)
>>> [AIRFLOW-3276] Google Cloud SQL database create / patch / delete operators
>>> Improvements:
>>> [AIRFLOW-393] Add progress callbacks for FTP downloads
>>> [AIRFLOW-520] Show Airflow version on web page
>>> [AIRFLOW-843] Exceptions now available in context during on_failure_callback
>>> [AIRFLOW-2476] Update tabulate dependency to v0.8.2
>>> [AIRFLOW-2592] Bump Bleach dependency
>>> [AIRFLOW-2622] Add "confirm=False" option to SFTPOperator
>>> [AIRFLOW-2662] support affinity & nodeSelector policies for kubernetes executor/operator
>>> [AIRFLOW-2709] Improve error handling in Databricks hook
>>> [AIRFLOW-2723] Update lxml dependancy to >= 4.0.
>>> [AIRFLOW-2763] No precheck mechanism in place during worker initialisation for
the connection to metadata database
>>> [AIRFLOW-2789] Add ability to create single node cluster to DataprocClusterCreateOperator
>>> [AIRFLOW-2797] Add ability to create Google Dataproc cluster with custom image
>>> [AIRFLOW-2854] kubernetes_pod_operator add more configuration items
>>> [AIRFLOW-2855] Need to Check Validity of Cron Expression When Process DAG File/Zip
>>> [AIRFLOW-2904] Clean an unnecessary line in airflow/executors/
>>> [AIRFLOW-2921] A trivial incorrectness in CeleryExecutor()
>>> [AIRFLOW-2922] Potential deal-lock bug in CeleryExecutor()
>>> [AIRFLOW-2932] GoogleCloudStorageHook - allow compression of file
>>> [AIRFLOW-2949] Syntax Highlight for Single Quote
>>> [AIRFLOW-2951] dag_run end_date Null after a dag is finished
>>> [AIRFLOW-2956] Kubernetes tolerations for pod operator
>>> [AIRFLOW-2997] Support for clustered tables in Bigquery hooks/operators
>>> [AIRFLOW-3006] Fix error when schedule_interval="None"
>>> [AIRFLOW-3008] Move Kubernetes related example DAGs to contrib/example_dags
>>> [AIRFLOW-3025] Allow to specify dns and dns-search parameters for DockerOperator
>>> [AIRFLOW-3067] (www_rbac) Flask flash messages are not displayed properly (no
background color)
>>> [AIRFLOW-3069] Decode output of S3 file transform operator
>>> [AIRFLOW-3072] Assign permission get_logs_with_metadata to viewer role
>>> [AIRFLOW-3090] INFO logs are too verbose
>>> [AIRFLOW-3103] Update Flask-Login
>>> [AIRFLOW-3112] Align SFTP hook with SSH hook
>>> [AIRFLOW-3119] Enable loglevel on celery worker and inherit from airflow.cfg
>>> [AIRFLOW-3137] Make ProxyFix middleware optional
>>> [AIRFLOW-3173] Add _cmd options for more password config options
>>> [AIRFLOW-3177] Change scheduler_heartbeat metric from gauge to counter
>>> [AIRFLOW-3195] Druid Hook: Log ingestion spec and task id
>>> [AIRFLOW-3197] EMR Hook is missing some parameters to valid on the AWS API
>>> [AIRFLOW-3232] Make documentation for GCF Functions operator more readable
>>> [AIRFLOW-3262] Can't get log containing Response when using SimpleHttpOperator
>>> [AIRFLOW-3265] Add support for "unix_socket" in connection extra for Mysql Hook
>>> Doc-only changes:
>>> [AIRFLOW-1441] Tutorial Inconsistencies Between Example Pipeline Definition and
>>> [AIRFLOW-2682] Add how-to guide(s) for how to use basic operators like BashOperator
and PythonOperator
>>> [AIRFLOW-3104] .airflowignore feature is not mentioned at all in documentation
>>> [AIRFLOW-3237] Refactor example DAGs
>>> [AIRFLOW-3187] Update airflow.gif file with a slower version
>>> [AIRFLOW-3159] Update Airflow documentation on GCP Logging
>>> [AIRFLOW-3030] Command Line docs incorrect subdir
>>> [AIRFLOW-2990] Docstrings for Hooks/Operators are in incorrect format
>>> [AIRFLOW-3127] Celery SSL Documentation is out-dated
>>> [AIRFLOW-2779] Add license headers to doc files
>>> [AIRFLOW-2779] Add project version to license
>>> Bug fixes:
>>> [AIRFLOW-839] attempts to log status key without first checking
>>> [AIRFLOW-1104] Concurrency check in scheduler should count queued tasks as well
as running
>>> [AIRFLOW-1163] Add support for x-forwarded-* headers to support access behind
>>> [AIRFLOW-1195] Cleared tasks in SubDagOperator do not trigger Parent dag_runs
>>> [AIRFLOW-1508] Skipped state not part of State.task_states
>>> [AIRFLOW-1762] Use key_file in SSHHook.create_tunnel()
>>> [AIRFLOW-1837] Differing start_dates on tasks not respected by scheduler.
>>> [AIRFLOW-1874] Support standard SQL in Check, ValueCheck and IntervalCheck BigQuery
>>> [AIRFLOW-1917] print() from python operators end up with extra new line
>>> [AIRFLOW-1970] Database cannot be initialized if an invalid fernet key is provided
>>> [AIRFLOW-2145] Deadlock after clearing a running task
>>> [AIRFLOW-2216] Cannot specify a profile for AWS Hook to load with s3 config file
>>> [AIRFLOW-2574] initdb fails when mysql password contains percent sign
>>> [AIRFLOW-2707] Error accessing log files from web UI
>>> [AIRFLOW-2716] Replace new Python 3.7 keywords
>>> [AIRFLOW-2744] RBAC app doesn't integrate plugins (blueprints etc)
>>> [AIRFLOW-2772] BigQuery hook does not allow specifying both the partition field
name and table name at the same time
>>> [AIRFLOW-2778] Bad Import in collect_dag in DagBag
>>> [AIRFLOW-2786] Variables view fails to render if a variable has an empty key
>>> [AIRFLOW-2799] Filtering UI objects by datetime is broken
>>> [AIRFLOW-2800] Remove airflow/ low-hanging linting errors
>>> [AIRFLOW-2825] S3ToHiveTransfer operator may not may able to handle GZIP file
with uppercase ext in S3
>>> [AIRFLOW-2848] dag_id is missing in metadata table "job" for LocalTaskJob
>>> [AIRFLOW-2860] DruidHook: time variable is not updated correctly when checking
for timeout
>>> [AIRFLOW-2865] Race condition between on_success_callback and LocalTaskJob's
>>> [AIRFLOW-2893] Stuck dataflow job due to jobName mismatch.
>>> [AIRFLOW-2895] Prevent scheduler from spamming heartbeats/logs
>>> [AIRFLOW-2900] Code not visible for Packaged DAGs
>>> [AIRFLOW-2905] Switch to regional dataflow job service.
>>> [AIRFLOW-2907] Sendgrid - Attachments - ERROR - Object of type 'bytes' is not
JSON serializable
>>> [AIRFLOW-2938] Invalid 'extra' field in connection can raise an AttributeError
when attempting to edit
>>> [AIRFLOW-2979] Deprecated Celery Option not in Options list
>>> [AIRFLOW-2981] TypeError in dataflow operators when using GCS jar or py_file
>>> [AIRFLOW-2984] Cannot convert naive_datetime when task has a naive start_date/end_date
>>> [AIRFLOW-2994] flatten_results in BigQueryOperator/BigQueryHook should default
to None
>>> [AIRFLOW-3002] ValueError in dataflow operators when using GCS jar or py_file
>>> [AIRFLOW-3012] Email on sla miss is send only to first address on the list
>>> [AIRFLOW-3046] ECS Operator mistakenly reports success when task is killed due
to EC2 host termination
>>> [AIRFLOW-3064] No output from `airflow test` due to default logging config
>>> [AIRFLOW-3072] Only admin can view logs in RBAC UI
>>> [AIRFLOW-3079] Improve initdb to support MSSQL Server
>>> [AIRFLOW-3089] Google auth doesn't work under http
>>> [AIRFLOW-3099] Errors raised when some blocs are missing in airflow.cfg
>>> [AIRFLOW-3109] Default user permission should contain 'can_clear'
>>> [AIRFLOW-3111] Confusing comments and instructions for log templates in
and default_airflow.cfg
>>> [AIRFLOW-3124] Broken webserver debug mode (RBAC)
>>> [AIRFLOW-3136] Scheduler Failing the Task retries run while processing Executor
>>> [AIRFLOW-3138] Migration cc1e65623dc7 creates issues with postgres
>>> [AIRFLOW-3161] Log Url link does not link to task instance logs in RBAC UI
>>> [AIRFLOW-3162] HttpHook fails to parse URL when port is specified
>>> [AIRFLOW-3183] Potential Bug in utils/dag_processing/DagFileProcessorManager.max_runs_reached()
>>> [AIRFLOW-3203] Bugs in DockerOperator & Some operator test scripts were named
>>> [AIRFLOW-3238] Dags, removed from the filesystem, are not deactivated on initdb
>>> [AIRFLOW-3268] Cannot pass SSL dictionary to mysql connection via URL
>>> [AIRFLOW-3277] Invalid timezone transition handling for cron schedules
>>> [AIRFLOW-3295] Require encryption in DaskExecutor when certificates are configured.
>>> [AIRFLOW-3297] EmrStepSensor marks cancelled step as successful

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