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From Ash Berlin-Taylor <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Airflow 1.10.1 RC2
Date Sat, 17 Nov 2018 11:42:49 GMT
The RBAC UI is still marked as experimental and this isn't a regression from 1.10.0, so could
you be convinced to change this to a +1?

There are other more critical changes I would like to get out, and I will follow up straight
away with a 1.10.2 that addresses this and XD's points.

(I feel Bolke's pain :) I'm now moderately annoyed at the Apache release process and how long
it takes, it means each release ends up getting big)


> On 17 Nov 2018, at 01:01, Naik Kaxil <> wrote:
> -1 (binding) . Tested it on Python 2.7.14, got expected result but had 1 security concern
that I want to get in the release.
> Even when 'expose_config'=False, RBAC you still shows the configs which can contain sensitive
information like airflow metadb passwords, etc.
> If we can get that in +1 from me. The PR with this fixed has been merged in the master,
> PR: <>
> Regards,
> Kaxil
> On 16/11/2018, 13:41, "Deng Xiaodong" < <>>
>    Hi Ash,
>    I would like to give -1 (non-binding), due to two reasons we discussed
>    earlier on Slack:
>    - there is an issue with the new “delete DAG” button in UI. It’s a great
>    feature, so let’s try to release it “bug-less”. The fix is in PR
> (But understand your
>    concern is that this PR comes with no test yet).
>    - it may be good to pin all dependencies to a specific version to avoid the
>    incident caused by dependency breaking change (like what happens to Redis
>    yesterday)
>    Last but not least: nice job! Thanks for your works!
>    XD
>    On Fri, Nov 16, 2018 at 21:13 Ash Berlin-Taylor <> wrote:
>> Friendly reminder for people (and especially committers) to test this out
>> and vote on it please!
>> -ash
> Kaxil Naik 
> Data Reply
> Nova South
> 160 Victoria Street, Westminster
> London SW1E 5LB - UK 
> phone: +44 (0)20 7730 6000
> <>
> <>
> On 14 Nov 2018, at 22:31, Ash Berlin-Taylor < <>>
>>> Hey all,
>>> I have cut Airflow 1.10.1 RC2. This email is calling a vote on the
>> release, which will last for 72 hours. Consider this my (binding) +1.
>>> Airflow 1.10.1 RC2 is available at:
>>> apache-airflow-1.10.1rc2+incubating-source.tar.gz is a source release
>> that comes with INSTALL instructions.
>>> apache-airflow-1.10.1rc2+incubating-bin.tar.gz is the binary Python
>> "sdist" release.
>>> Public keys are available at:
>>> This release candidate has been published to PyPi as a convince for
>> testing, but the vote is against the published artefacts at the above URL,
>> and not this. To install from PyPI run `pip install --pre apache-airflow`
>>> Only votes from PMC members are binding, but members of the community
>> are encouraged to test the release and vote with "(non-binding)".
>>> Changes since 1.10.1rc1:
>>> [AIRFLOW-3343] Update DockerOperator for Docker-py 3.0.0 API changes
>> (#4187)
>>> [AIRFLOW-XXX] Include 3193 in the changelog
>>> [AIRFLOW-XXX] Remove duplicated line in Changelog (#4181)
>>> [AIRFLOW-3339] Correctly get DAG timezone when start_date in
>> default_args (#4186)
>>> Changes since 1.10.1b1:
>>> [AIRFLOW-XXX] Correct date and version in Changelog
>>> [AIRFLOW-2779] Add license headers to doc files (#4178)
>>> [AIRFLOW-XXX] Changelog and version for 1.10.1
>>> [AIRFLOW-2779] Add license headers to doc files (#4178)
>>> [AIRFLOW-2779] Add project version to license (#4177)
>>> [AIRFLOW-XXX] Sync changelog between release and master branch
>>> [AIRFLOW-XXX] Add missing docs for SNS classes (#4155)
>>> [AIRFLOW-3072] Assign permission get_logs_with_metadata to viewer role
>> (#4175)
>>> [AIRFLOW-2723] Update lxml dependancy to >= 4.0.0
>>> [AIRFLOW-3325] Fix UI Page DAGs-column 'Recent Tasks' display issue
>> (#4173)
>>> [AIRFLOW-XXX] Update Updating instructions for changes in 1.10.1
>>> [AIRFLOW-XXX] Fix a few typos in CHANGELOG (#4169)
>>> Full changelog is below:
>>> New features:
>>> [AIRFLOW-2524] Airflow integration with AWS Sagemaker
>>> [AIRFLOW-2657] Add ability to delete DAG from web ui
>>> [AIRFLOW-2780] Adds IMAP Hook to interact with a mail server
>>> [AIRFLOW-2794] Add delete support for Azure blob
>>> [AIRFLOW-2912] Add operators for Google Cloud Functions
>>> [AIRFLOW-2974] Add Start/Restart/Terminate methods Databricks Hook
>>> [AIRFLOW-2989] No Parameter to change bootDiskType for
>> DataprocClusterCreateOperator
>>> [AIRFLOW-3078] Basic operators for Google Compute Engine
>>> [AIRFLOW-3147] Update Flask-AppBuilder version
>>> [AIRFLOW-3231] Basic operators for Google Cloud SQL (deploy / patch /
>> delete)
>>> [AIRFLOW-3276] Google Cloud SQL database create / patch / delete
>> operators
>>> Improvements:
>>> [AIRFLOW-393] Add progress callbacks for FTP downloads
>>> [AIRFLOW-520] Show Airflow version on web page
>>> [AIRFLOW-843] Exceptions now available in context during
>> on_failure_callback
>>> [AIRFLOW-2476] Update tabulate dependency to v0.8.2
>>> [AIRFLOW-2592] Bump Bleach dependency
>>> [AIRFLOW-2622] Add "confirm=False" option to SFTPOperator
>>> [AIRFLOW-2662] support affinity & nodeSelector policies for kubernetes
>> executor/operator
>>> [AIRFLOW-2709] Improve error handling in Databricks hook
>>> [AIRFLOW-2723] Update lxml dependancy to >= 4.0.
>>> [AIRFLOW-2763] No precheck mechanism in place during worker
>> initialisation for the connection to metadata database
>>> [AIRFLOW-2789] Add ability to create single node cluster to
>> DataprocClusterCreateOperator
>>> [AIRFLOW-2797] Add ability to create Google Dataproc cluster with custom
>> image
>>> [AIRFLOW-2854] kubernetes_pod_operator add more configuration items
>>> [AIRFLOW-2855] Need to Check Validity of Cron Expression When Process
>> DAG File/Zip File
>>> [AIRFLOW-2904] Clean an unnecessary line in
>> airflow/executors/
>>> [AIRFLOW-2921] A trivial incorrectness in CeleryExecutor()
>>> [AIRFLOW-2922] Potential deal-lock bug in CeleryExecutor()
>>> [AIRFLOW-2932] GoogleCloudStorageHook - allow compression of file
>>> [AIRFLOW-2949] Syntax Highlight for Single Quote
>>> [AIRFLOW-2951] dag_run end_date Null after a dag is finished
>>> [AIRFLOW-2956] Kubernetes tolerations for pod operator
>>> [AIRFLOW-2997] Support for clustered tables in Bigquery hooks/operators
>>> [AIRFLOW-3006] Fix error when schedule_interval="None"
>>> [AIRFLOW-3008] Move Kubernetes related example DAGs to
>> contrib/example_dags
>>> [AIRFLOW-3025] Allow to specify dns and dns-search parameters for
>> DockerOperator
>>> [AIRFLOW-3067] (www_rbac) Flask flash messages are not displayed
>> properly (no background color)
>>> [AIRFLOW-3069] Decode output of S3 file transform operator
>>> [AIRFLOW-3072] Assign permission get_logs_with_metadata to viewer role
>>> [AIRFLOW-3090] INFO logs are too verbose
>>> [AIRFLOW-3103] Update Flask-Login
>>> [AIRFLOW-3112] Align SFTP hook with SSH hook
>>> [AIRFLOW-3119] Enable loglevel on celery worker and inherit from
>> airflow.cfg
>>> [AIRFLOW-3137] Make ProxyFix middleware optional
>>> [AIRFLOW-3173] Add _cmd options for more password config options
>>> [AIRFLOW-3177] Change scheduler_heartbeat metric from gauge to counter
>>> [AIRFLOW-3195] Druid Hook: Log ingestion spec and task id
>>> [AIRFLOW-3197] EMR Hook is missing some parameters to valid on the AWS
>> API
>>> [AIRFLOW-3232] Make documentation for GCF Functions operator more
>> readable
>>> [AIRFLOW-3262] Can't get log containing Response when using
>> SimpleHttpOperator
>>> [AIRFLOW-3265] Add support for "unix_socket" in connection extra for
>> Mysql Hook
>>> Doc-only changes:
>>> [AIRFLOW-1441] Tutorial Inconsistencies Between Example Pipeline
>> Definition and Recap
>>> [AIRFLOW-2682] Add how-to guide(s) for how to use basic operators like
>> BashOperator and PythonOperator
>>> [AIRFLOW-3104] .airflowignore feature is not mentioned at all in
>> documentation
>>> [AIRFLOW-3237] Refactor example DAGs
>>> [AIRFLOW-3187] Update airflow.gif file with a slower version
>>> [AIRFLOW-3159] Update Airflow documentation on GCP Logging
>>> [AIRFLOW-3030] Command Line docs incorrect subdir
>>> [AIRFLOW-2990] Docstrings for Hooks/Operators are in incorrect format
>>> [AIRFLOW-3127] Celery SSL Documentation is out-dated
>>> [AIRFLOW-2779] Add license headers to doc files
>>> [AIRFLOW-2779] Add project version to license
>>> Bug fixes:
>>> [AIRFLOW-839] attempts to log status key without
>> first checking existence
>>> [AIRFLOW-1104] Concurrency check in scheduler should count queued tasks
>> as well as running
>>> [AIRFLOW-1163] Add support for x-forwarded-* headers to support access
>> behind AWS ELB
>>> [AIRFLOW-1195] Cleared tasks in SubDagOperator do not trigger Parent
>> dag_runs
>>> [AIRFLOW-1508] Skipped state not part of State.task_states
>>> [AIRFLOW-1762] Use key_file in SSHHook.create_tunnel()
>>> [AIRFLOW-1837] Differing start_dates on tasks not respected by scheduler.
>>> [AIRFLOW-1874] Support standard SQL in Check, ValueCheck and
>> IntervalCheck BigQuery operators
>>> [AIRFLOW-1917] print() from python operators end up with extra new line
>>> [AIRFLOW-1970] Database cannot be initialized if an invalid fernet key
>> is provided
>>> [AIRFLOW-2145] Deadlock after clearing a running task
>>> [AIRFLOW-2216] Cannot specify a profile for AWS Hook to load with s3
>> config file
>>> [AIRFLOW-2574] initdb fails when mysql password contains percent sign
>>> [AIRFLOW-2707] Error accessing log files from web UI
>>> [AIRFLOW-2716] Replace new Python 3.7 keywords
>>> [AIRFLOW-2744] RBAC app doesn't integrate plugins (blueprints etc)
>>> [AIRFLOW-2772] BigQuery hook does not allow specifying both the
>> partition field name and table name at the same time
>>> [AIRFLOW-2778] Bad Import in collect_dag in DagBag
>>> [AIRFLOW-2786] Variables view fails to render if a variable has an empty
>> key
>>> [AIRFLOW-2799] Filtering UI objects by datetime is broken
>>> [AIRFLOW-2800] Remove airflow/ low-hanging linting errors
>>> [AIRFLOW-2825] S3ToHiveTransfer operator may not may able to handle GZIP
>> file with uppercase ext in S3
>>> [AIRFLOW-2848] dag_id is missing in metadata table "job" for LocalTaskJob
>>> [AIRFLOW-2860] DruidHook: time variable is not updated correctly when
>> checking for timeout
>>> [AIRFLOW-2865] Race condition between on_success_callback and
>> LocalTaskJob's cleanup
>>> [AIRFLOW-2893] Stuck dataflow job due to jobName mismatch.
>>> [AIRFLOW-2895] Prevent scheduler from spamming heartbeats/logs
>>> [AIRFLOW-2900] Code not visible for Packaged DAGs
>>> [AIRFLOW-2905] Switch to regional dataflow job service.
>>> [AIRFLOW-2907] Sendgrid - Attachments - ERROR - Object of type 'bytes'
>> is not JSON serializable
>>> [AIRFLOW-2938] Invalid 'extra' field in connection can raise an
>> AttributeError when attempting to edit
>>> [AIRFLOW-2979] Deprecated Celery Option not in Options list
>>> [AIRFLOW-2981] TypeError in dataflow operators when using GCS jar or
>> py_file
>>> [AIRFLOW-2984] Cannot convert naive_datetime when task has a naive
>> start_date/end_date
>>> [AIRFLOW-2994] flatten_results in BigQueryOperator/BigQueryHook should
>> default to None
>>> [AIRFLOW-3002] ValueError in dataflow operators when using GCS jar or
>> py_file
>>> [AIRFLOW-3012] Email on sla miss is send only to first address on the
>> list
>>> [AIRFLOW-3046] ECS Operator mistakenly reports success when task is
>> killed due to EC2 host termination
>>> [AIRFLOW-3064] No output from `airflow test` due to default logging
>> config
>>> [AIRFLOW-3072] Only admin can view logs in RBAC UI
>>> [AIRFLOW-3079] Improve initdb to support MSSQL Server
>>> [AIRFLOW-3089] Google auth doesn't work under http
>>> [AIRFLOW-3099] Errors raised when some blocs are missing in airflow.cfg
>>> [AIRFLOW-3109] Default user permission should contain 'can_clear'
>>> [AIRFLOW-3111] Confusing comments and instructions for log templates in
>> and default_airflow.cfg
>>> [AIRFLOW-3124] Broken webserver debug mode (RBAC)
>>> [AIRFLOW-3136] Scheduler Failing the Task retries run while processing
>> Executor Events
>>> [AIRFLOW-3138] Migration cc1e65623dc7 creates issues with postgres
>>> [AIRFLOW-3161] Log Url link does not link to task instance logs in RBAC
>> UI
>>> [AIRFLOW-3162] HttpHook fails to parse URL when port is specified
>>> [AIRFLOW-3183] Potential Bug in
>> utils/dag_processing/DagFileProcessorManager.max_runs_reached()
>>> [AIRFLOW-3203] Bugs in DockerOperator & Some operator test scripts were
>> named incorrectly
>>> [AIRFLOW-3238] Dags, removed from the filesystem, are not deactivated on
>> initdb
>>> [AIRFLOW-3268] Cannot pass SSL dictionary to mysql connection via URL
>>> [AIRFLOW-3277] Invalid timezone transition handling for cron schedules
>>> [AIRFLOW-3295] Require encryption in DaskExecutor when certificates are
>> configured.
>>> [AIRFLOW-3297] EmrStepSensor marks cancelled step as successful

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