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From Ash Berlin-Taylor <>
Subject Re: It's very hard to become a committer on the project
Date Tue, 18 Sep 2018 08:53:57 GMT
For background I got involve in Airflow by adding features I wanted, and fixing bugs/oddities
that I came across - I didn't fix other peoples tickets. Most other committers are the same.
We've all "scratched our own itch" as it were.

You have proposed a technical solution to a non-technical problem.

The problem is not a lack of visibility on issues (If you are subscribed to the commits@ list,
which most active committers should be), as I am, then I receive an email for every new ticket
opened or every comment on an issue.

The problem is time.

No one is paid to work on Airflow full time, we all do it as a side-effect of using Airflow
for our jobs. And triaging Jira tickets is _very_ hard to justify spending that time. I also
think you under estimate how much time it takes to triage even a single ticket.

I would *love* to be able to spend more time improving airflow, making it easier for other
people to get involved, improving documentation, and triaging issues. But no one is currently
paying me or any other committer to do this, so any time we spent on Airflow is going to be
focused on what we need out of airflow. Sorry.

(For the record though, I do dislike Jira, but I don't care enough to think about changing.)

Hope this helps explain the situation.


> On 16 Sep 2018, at 14:29, airflowuser <> wrote:
> Hello all,
> I'm struggling finding tickets to address and while discussing it on chat others reported
they had the same problem when they began working on the project.
> The problem is due to:
> 1. It's very hard to locate tickets on Jira. The categories are a mess, versions are
not enforced. each use can tag,label and set priority at his will. No one monitor or overwrite
> 2. It's impossible for a new committer to  find issues which can be easy-fix and a "good
first issue".
> My suggestions:
> 1. Looking at the ticket system there are usually less than 10 new tickets a day. It
won't take too much time for someone with knowledge on the project to properly tag  the ticket.
> 2. I think that most of you don't even check the Jira. Most of you submit PRs and 5 seconds
before opening a ticket (just because you must). There is no doubt that the Jira is a "side"
system which doesn't really perform it's job.
> Take a look at this:
> a member of the community asks for committers for input but no one replies. I doubt this
is because no one has input.. I am sure that if a PR was submitted you had comments. It's
simply because you don't see it. This is why I think the current Jira does't function properly.
I think that Github can perform a better role. All of you as committers are already there
and it's always better to work with one system rather with two. The colors and labels of the
GitHub as very easy to notice.
> Either way, what ever you decide something needs to be change. Either Jira will be more
informative or move to GitHub.
> Thank you all for your good work :)

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