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From Anton Mushin <>
Subject RE: Define folder for task of dag
Date Fri, 11 May 2018 13:43:21 GMT
Thanks for your reply!

I used BashOperator for demonstrate that I want get. In my real case I use SparkSubmitOperator
and I can't run "cd {your_work_space}; do something"
Then my application from jar is called from spark-submit, it looking local file. 
> spark-submit --class_name org.Job my_app.jar  
start scaning folder /home/user
> spark-submit --class_name org.Job /home/user/my_app.jar  
start scaning folder /tmp/demo

If I will know where airflow will run SparkSubmitOperator I will be able set folder as config
for scan.

But how I understand it isn't possible, isn't it?

Best Regards,

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From: Song Liu <> 
Sent: Friday, May 11, 2018 3:36 PM
Subject: 答复: Define folder for task of dag

It seems that this temporary folder name can't be got.

The folder you saw is a TemporaryFile created to hold your bash command and run it by BashOperator,
I think you could have your own working space and run your logic there by simply "cd {your_work_space};
do something".
发件人: Anton Mushin <>
发送时间: 2018年5月11日 11:20
主题: Define folder for task of dag

Hi everyone,
I need know folder for task of dag.
for example
I have two tasks in dag:
pwd1 = BashOperator(

pwd2 = BashOperator(

as result I have for pwd1:
{} INFO - Output:
{} INFO - /tmp/airflowtmp3u5tdpt_

for pwd2:
{} INFO - Output:
{} INFO - /tmp/airflowtmphiyryxno

Can I get folder name where will be execute dag task?
in my case,  before run tasks getting /tmp/airflowtmp3u5tdpt_ and  /tmp/airflowtmphiyryxno

Best Regards,
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