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From Ash Berlin-Taylor <>
Subject Re: Merging PRs, closing Jira tickets (a.k.a New Committer) guide?
Date Mon, 05 Mar 2018 23:49:24 GMT
I've merged two PRs now, and the second one seemed to be better (though I did have some trouble
with the tool not merging properly and I needed to manually coax git. Hmm)

Jira: I _think_ that previously I could only comment on Jira issues. With the new permissions
I can now do more (as those of you subscribed to the commit list will see) -- I started going
through old Jira tickets and closing ones that are no longer an issue or that were fixed+merged
but not closed.

Github: I don't have a button to close PRs in Github - Is that expected?


> On 4 Mar 2018, at 00:59, Sid Anand <> wrote:
> Hi Ash,
> Welcome aboard.
> Firstly, I'm moving this conversation over to the dev list -- the first
> lesson we all learned at the insistence of the incubator mentors was to use
> the private list for voting and discussion on PMC matters. They require
> that all information-oriented discussions be routed to the dev-list.
> *Merging PRs:*
> To merge a PR, you can use a very handy tool written by @jlowin
> <> :
> incubator-airflow/blob/master/dev/airflow-pr
> It's pretty self-explanatory. Essentially, you follow the instructions in
> the tool -- the result is that the PR will be merged to Apache
> <> and then
> synced (mirrored) to The
> Apache mirror runs on apache infrastructure and is the source of truth
> (rules of apache). The mirror <>
> is what we all see.. there can sometimes be a delay of a minute before the
> PR you merged shows up in the commit history on git hub, but it's usually
> under 10 seconds.
> We document the tool on the Committer Guide
> <>.
> *Releases:*
> As I haven't done a release yet, I'll defer to Bolke and Chris who most
> recently did releases to point you to documentation.
> *Jira Role:*
> I've added you to the Admin, PMC, Committers, and ASF Members roles. I
> believe you don't need them to edit or close and JIRAs. I had requested
> anyone be able to open, edit, or close JIRAs, so if that's not the case, it
> would be good to know.
> *GitHub:*
> Can you try merging a PR? That would be an indication that you have the
> necc perms.
> *Other Questions*:
> Q1:"I understand that the process for making changes now I'm a committer is
> the same as before: I should open a PR+Jira and get it approved by another
> committer. Is this correct?"
> A1: You are correct!
> Hope this helps!
> -s
> P.S.
> BTW, I'll be in London from tomorrow (landing at noon) till the following
> Friday -- I co-chair QCon London and usually find myself there around this
> time every year. Feel free to drop me a line if you happen to be in the
> area.
> On Sat, Mar 3, 2018 at 5:06 AM, Ash Berlin-Taylor <> wrote:
>> Hi Everyone!
>> Thanks for inviting me to join the Airflow PPMC!
>> An introduction: I live and work in London, I'm currently working for the
>> data group of a large advertising company, though I will be going on
>> paternity leave for 3 months any day now as my wife is pregnant with our
>> first child. (Eeee!)
>> I have some questions :)
>> How to I merge PRs? From the outside it appears that the merge happens in
>> an apache repo and is somehow automatically replicated into github. Is
>> there a guide on the workflow to do this? What credentials do I use for
>> apache git?
>> Is the branching process for releases or it is it a loose convention up to
>> the Release Manager for that release? (i.e. v1-9-stable, v1-9-test etc.) If
>> we wanted to release a 1.9.1 with some fixes what might the process be?
>> Can someone grant my Jira user (ashb) permission to edit/close tickets?
>> Ditto for github (ashb)?
>> I understand that the process for making changes now I'm a committer is
>> the same as before: I should open a PR+Jira and get it approved by another
>> committer. Is this correct?
>> Is there anything else I should know but don't know about to ask? :)
>> Thanks,
>> Ash

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