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From Ash Berlin-Taylor <>
Subject Moving to Github? Re: Merging PRs, closing Jira tickets (a.k.a New Committer) guide?
Date Thu, 08 Mar 2018 14:31:18 GMT
I've done a bit of digging and there's an Apache "project" called gitbox[1] that, if we choose
to go that way lets us use Github more "natively".

The BookKeeper project migrated to using Github exclusively lsat Jun[2] and from the looks
of their Github repo are still using this approach, and their Jira is read only. Their proposal
on the migration was

I think there are three ways we could go:

1. Nothing changes, we stay as we are and commit to the ASF git repo.
2. Move to Gitbox and commit directly to githb, keep issues in Jira.
3. Do as BookKeeper did and move to using Github Issues as well as Gitub for the repo. 

Is there interest from anyone else in 2 or 3, if so I will attempt to draw up a more detailed


> On 6 Mar 2018, at 09:57, Ash Berlin-Taylor <> wrote:
> Ah that would explain why I don't have a button :)
> Is this Apache policy, or is it possible for committers to be granted permission to do
this? Having this permission would also let us click the "rerun tests" button in Travis which
would be nice.
> Is it worth opening an INFRA ticket asking for this, or is it not possible?
> -ash
>> On 6 Mar 2018, at 08:25, Driesprong, Fokko <> wrote:
>> Hi Ash,
>> As a committer we don't have any rights on the Github itself. The Github
>> repo is just a sync of the apache repo. Unfortunately, therefore we don't
>> have the right to close any PR.
>> Cheers, Fokko
>> 2018-03-06 0:49 GMT+01:00 Ash Berlin-Taylor <>
>> :
>>> I've merged two PRs now, and the second one seemed to be better (though I
>>> did have some trouble with the tool not merging properly and I needed to
>>> manually coax git. Hmm)
>>> Jira: I _think_ that previously I could only comment on Jira issues. With
>>> the new permissions I can now do more (as those of you subscribed to the
>>> commit list will see) -- I started going through old Jira tickets and
>>> closing ones that are no longer an issue or that were fixed+merged but not
>>> closed.
>>> Github: I don't have a button to close PRs in Github - Is that expected?
>>> -ash
>>>> On 4 Mar 2018, at 00:59, Sid Anand <> wrote:
>>>> Hi Ash,
>>>> Welcome aboard.
>>>> Firstly, I'm moving this conversation over to the dev list -- the first
>>>> lesson we all learned at the insistence of the incubator mentors was to
>>> use
>>>> the private list for voting and discussion on PMC matters. They require
>>>> that all information-oriented discussions be routed to the dev-list.
>>>> *Merging PRs:*
>>>> To merge a PR, you can use a very handy tool written by @jlowin
>>>> <> :
>>>> incubator-airflow/blob/master/dev/airflow-pr
>>>> It's pretty self-explanatory. Essentially, you follow the instructions in
>>>> the tool -- the result is that the PR will be merged to Apache
>>>> <> and
>>>> synced (mirrored) to The
>>>> Apache mirror runs on apache infrastructure and is the source of truth
>>>> (rules of apache). The mirror <
>>> incubator-airflow>
>>>> is what we all see.. there can sometimes be a delay of a minute before
>>> the
>>>> PR you merged shows up in the commit history on git hub, but it's usually
>>>> under 10 seconds.
>>>> We document the tool on the Committer Guide
>>>> <
>>>> .
>>>> *Releases:*
>>>> As I haven't done a release yet, I'll defer to Bolke and Chris who most
>>>> recently did releases to point you to documentation.
>>>> *Jira Role:*
>>>> I've added you to the Admin, PMC, Committers, and ASF Members roles. I
>>>> believe you don't need them to edit or close and JIRAs. I had requested
>>>> anyone be able to open, edit, or close JIRAs, so if that's not the case,
>>> it
>>>> would be good to know.
>>>> *GitHub:*
>>>> Can you try merging a PR? That would be an indication that you have the
>>>> necc perms.
>>>> *Other Questions*:
>>>> Q1:"I understand that the process for making changes now I'm a committer
>>> is
>>>> the same as before: I should open a PR+Jira and get it approved by
>>> another
>>>> committer. Is this correct?"
>>>> A1: You are correct!
>>>> Hope this helps!
>>>> -s
>>>> P.S.
>>>> BTW, I'll be in London from tomorrow (landing at noon) till the following
>>>> Friday -- I co-chair QCon London and usually find myself there around
>>> this
>>>> time every year. Feel free to drop me a line if you happen to be in the
>>>> area.
>>>> On Sat, Mar 3, 2018 at 5:06 AM, Ash Berlin-Taylor <>
>>> wrote:
>>>>> Hi Everyone!
>>>>> Thanks for inviting me to join the Airflow PPMC!
>>>>> An introduction: I live and work in London, I'm currently working for
>>> the
>>>>> data group of a large advertising company, though I will be going on
>>>>> paternity leave for 3 months any day now as my wife is pregnant with
>>>>> first child. (Eeee!)
>>>>> I have some questions :)
>>>>> How to I merge PRs? From the outside it appears that the merge happens
>>> in
>>>>> an apache repo and is somehow automatically replicated into github. Is
>>>>> there a guide on the workflow to do this? What credentials do I use for
>>>>> apache git?
>>>>> Is the branching process for releases or it is it a loose convention
>>> to
>>>>> the Release Manager for that release? (i.e. v1-9-stable, v1-9-test
>>> etc.) If
>>>>> we wanted to release a 1.9.1 with some fixes what might the process be?
>>>>> Can someone grant my Jira user (ashb) permission to edit/close tickets?
>>>>> Ditto for github (ashb)?
>>>>> I understand that the process for making changes now I'm a committer
>>>>> the same as before: I should open a PR+Jira and get it approved by
>>> another
>>>>> committer. Is this correct?
>>>>> Is there anything else I should know but don't know about to ask? :)
>>>>> Thanks,
>>>>> Ash

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