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From "Daniel (Daniel Lamblin) [BDP - Seoul]" <>
Subject Re: Google Sensor, last updated
Date Mon, 06 Nov 2017 02:10:46 GMT
I think you’d have a little more luck asking on something like stackoverflow, as it seems
most devs are preoccupied by the outstanding issues and preparing a release candidate.
I’m not sure that the default ts_function is your issue, but I think that if you’re trying
to use a custom one, you’ll need to implement it as a function:

So your
    ts_func = '{{ execution_date}}'
could be written as
    ts_func=lambda: context['execution_date']

On 10/31/17, 1:01 AM, "Sam Elamin" <> wrote:

    Hi Everyone
    does anyone have any problems creating a
    im on airflow 1.8 and i am getting an error of
    line 73, in ts_function*
    *[2017-10-30 15:27:10,609] {} INFO - Subtask: return
    context['execution_date'] + context['dag'].schedule_interval*
    *[2017-10-30 15:27:10,609] {} INFO - Subtask:
    TypeError: unsupported operand type(s) for +: 'datetime.datetime' and 'str'*
    *[2017-10-30 15:27:15,906] {} INFO - Task exited with return
    code 1*
    i am not overwriting the ts_function so it seems the default ts_function
    isn't working
    When I try to overwrite the dag with
    ts_fun = '{{ ds }}' or ts_func = '{{ execution_date}}'
    I get
    *''str' object is not callable'*
    Which I assume is because its reading the date as a string instead of a
    datetime object
    Any help would be greatly apprecated?

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