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From Ash Berlin-Taylor <>
Subject Re: too many long running tasks in sensors
Date Wed, 18 Oct 2017 13:20:22 GMT
This isn't possible with Sensors as they exist right now. Our solution was to not make it a
sensor, but just a normal operator, and set a number of retries and a large retry_delay:

checkTask = FindTriggerFileForExecutionPeriod(

    # Try every 6 hours for 3 days, just in case the trigger is delayed.

When it fails it shows up as "Up for retry" (Yellow) in the scheduler but doesn't take up
a slot.

The operator is defined as:

class FindTriggerFileForExecutionPeriod(BaseOperator):
    Find any trigger file for the execution period.

    In the unlikely event that there are multiple trigger files the most recent
    (by date in filename, not mtime) will be returned.
    trigger_file_wildcard = 'xxx*_*.gz.trigger'

    def __init__(self, s3_conn_id, prefix, **kwargs):
        self.s3_conn_id = s3_conn_id
        self.prefix = prefix

    def execute(self, context):
        hook = S3Hook(self.s3_conn_id)
        (bucket_name, prefix) = hook.parse_s3_url(self.prefix)
        min_date = context['execution_date']
        max_date = context['next_execution_date']

        for key in sorted(hook.list_keys(bucket_name, prefix), reverse=True):
            if not fnmatch.fnmatch(basename(key), self.trigger_file_wildcard):
            when = _tapad_key_content_date(key)

            # We have sorted the keys, so if we get past the range we are
            # interested in we're not going to find anything.
            if when < min_date:

            if when < max_date:
                self.xcom_push(context, "content_date", _generate_iso_prefix(when))
                return "s3://{}/{}".format(bucket_name, key)

        raise RuntimeError("No trigger file found with filename between in interval ({start},

> On 18 Oct 2017, at 13:58, Cieplucha, Michal <> wrote:
> Hello,
> We are using sensors for lightweight but taking long time tasks. It's like monitoring
results of some testing executed on remote machine. We would like to see such a task in a
DAG but with so much tasks/dags in running state we will hit max number of processes/dag runs
(defined in airflow.cfg) soon. Is it possible to have a sensor, which instead of sleep and
keep the process would just exit and be rescheduled later? Are we using sensors in wrong manner?
> Thanks
> mC
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